Winter Photo Contest – From YOUR Workshop

Photo Contest

We have shown you the inner workings of our own TotalBoat Workshop – a busy scene with lots of R&D, restorations and little, boat projects and lots of Shop Night fun.  Now it’s your turn to show us what you have going on in your own workshop. We want to see the saw dust and sticky messes from your workbench. It’s all part of the beautiful building and tinkering process, the victories and the mistakes and mishaps – all of it. Send us your image(s) with a caption about what your photo is about and we will include you in our photo album of Workshop Pictures on our Facebook page and on (Contest Photo Album to come soon!) 

We are using lots of great customer photos in our upcoming catalogs, and it would be great to include yours!

  • Send your high resolution images to
  •  Include a caption and any fun information about your project
  • Tell us about the products and techniques you used.

Thanks! We look forward to checking out your workshops!


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