Save the Oceans with a Cora Ball

Cora Ball, the first microfiber-catching laundry ball launches on Kickstarter

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JD and TotalBoat helped support the amazing Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean this past summer as they tested the Cora Ball on a cruise that went from Maine to the Hudson River. They were able to confirm that trace amounts of fleece and fibers from our laundry DO make their way to water ways and it’s not good news. Here is the latest on the amazing CORA BALL and some info on how you can help – besides buying and using one! Check out their Kickstarter to help fund the Cora Ball and dive into their mission for the ball below. 

Every time we do our laundry, tiny unseen microfibers (including plastic) shed off of our clothes and flow into our public water ways. Creatures at every level of the marine web are ingesting these microscopic pollutants. That means we are too.

This problem is largely a hidden one. Because these microfibers are unseen, consumers have been unaware and have had no reason or way of helping to solve it.

Since its discovery in 2011, researchers worldwide have been learning more, and more and the scale of this problem is becoming clear. One study identified that one fleece jacket could shed as many as 250,000 individual microfibers per wash [Bruce 2016; Hartline 2016]. A second study tested fish from a market in California finding 1 in 3 shellfish and 1 in 4 of all fish had microfibers in them [Rochman 2015].

Today, the first microfiber laundry ball launches on Kickstarter giving consumers a way to be part of the solution to microfiber pollution.

Simply, the Cora Ball is an affordable and easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers that shed off our clothes in the washing machine. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects these microfibers into fuzz that we can see, so we can dispose of them in the right way. Rozalia Project is looking for ways to upcycle or recycle this material, for now the trash is the best way to dispose of both microfiber fuzz and dryer lint.

This solution is about individuals making a collective impact together. Rozalia Project estimates that if 10% of US households used a Cora Ball, we’d keep the plastic equivalent of 30 million water bottles out of our waterways and oceans each year. That protects life in our ocean, lakes and rivers; and ultimately, it protects human life.

The Cora Ball Kickstarter Campaign runs today through just after Earth Day concluding on Tuesday, April 25.

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