JD Tent Sale to Feature “Mini” Boat Show

First Ever Customer Boat Display at JD Tent Sale Runabout tent sale

Next Saturday’s JD Tent Sale is always a big hit with the local and sort-of local customers. Why not road trip on a spring Saturday to come check out the deals and offers and to take in some of our special seaside town, here in Bristol, RI. The Tent Sale IS a great excuse to visit the JD and TotalBoat HQ, and this year even moreso because we will have Louis Sauzedde from the TotalBoat Work Skiff video series here. Everyone seems to want to meet Louis, but we suspect they want to check out his amazing skiff and with that in mind, we got to thinking that there are other customers doing amazing boat building. And most likely, customers like you want to see those projects, too.

So here we are, assembling a small crowd of very cool projects completed by our loyal customers. These are not professionally built or restored projects (but we will have a few of those on site to admire, too!), these are regular boaters with skills honed after years of trial and error or maybe there are a few lucky ones who are naturally adept at the variety of steps required to build or restore a boat.

Come see these cool boats at the Tent Sale:

  • Rogerio’s expertly restored Cape Dory Typhoon being completed this week – just in time
  • Bob R’s Chesapeake Light Craft “Peeler Skiff” is almost done and will be here
  • Photo contest winners the Fortuccis will have their Dyer Glamour Girl here from Maryland
  • Dave is bringing his beautiful wooden runabout! Wait until you see this boat!
  • Noel is bringing “Patience,” an Atkins Ninigret 22 – another just completed beauty

And then some Pro boatbuilders will have a few showpieces, too:

  • Louis Sauzedde – we said it again – but it bears repeating – the TotalBoat Work Skiff will be here – completed – and you can see it live in person!
  • Dan Shea of Bristol Boat Company is trailering a few of his recently restored 12 1/2s to the show for the day. Refer to these boats for amazing paint and varnish work! Dan is among the best we have ever seen at applying a perfect finish!
  • and possibly a few other surprise guests and their boats…. you’ll have to come to the Tent and see for yourself….

Map your directions with our address below. See you next Saturday the 22nd in Bristol!

Jamestown Distributors
17 Peckham Drive
Bristol, RI 02809

DSCN0501_189  CLC Peeler Skiff - Richardson

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  1. I will go just to see and meet Lou again. The only reason I use Jamestown products is because of Lou. LOU, LOU, LOU. Thank you.

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