Waterlust – Building a Land Yacht

When the team from Waterlust spent part of last winter in the shop at Chesapeake Light Craft, (CLC) they built their first kit boat and apparently took a serious liking to the whole boat building process. But they built 2 boats for exploring, put some miles on the 2 sailing craft, and were let hungry for more. This time however, their adventures will be land based and I would venture to guess that although they are out to build a super-cool and trendy since the 60’s tear drop camper, that you might find an array of boards strapped to the top for their salty addiction. This first video in the series is particularly to our liking, as Pat Rynne, father of Waterlust, goes into great scientific detail about the properties of epoxy. It’s a handy explanation for epoxy lovers like us and one which makes lots of sense and is good knowledge if you use epoxy often. In fact, Pat gives many tips for proper epoxy use in the first video and we might venture to say it’s required watching for any beginner epoxy user.

The teardrop campers is a great use of their kit buiding skills. It points to the fact that there is lots out there to be built and our products, like epoxy, fiberglass, Thixo, TotalFair, paints & varnishes – all of it has such reach beyond the boating world. Using marine products in the other parts of your life can only make those parts more bombproof – more ready to slough salt and waves and sun and abuse from the elements.

Video 2 is more fun with kit building until they head off for an assignment with their sweet GoPro 360 rig. Check them out here and check back for more updates as they go. We love their watery world, especially when they take a break from the water and use the same skills on land.

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