O’pen Bic Ocean Crossing


Amidst the chaos and excitement of the America’s Cup will be a stellar youth event featuring our favorite junior sailing machine: the O’pen Bic. Beginning on June 14th, the America’s Cup will feature the Endeavour Regattas, an awesome addition to the last cup races in San Francisco and a great opportunity to get the kids psyched about the sport. 

“The America’s Cup Endeavour Programme is an incredibly important part of the America’s Cup, using sailing to inspire and educate thousands of young Bermudians and around the world, and making sure that we create a positive lasting legacy.” Sir Russell Coutts, Chief Executive Officer of the America’s Cup.


That ‘lasting legacy’ will be in full sight this summer as young sailors will be given the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their America’s Cup heroes with four regattas being staged on land and on water in Bermuda as part of the America’s Cup Endeavour Junior Regattas, taking place from 14th to 24th June.

Qualification and selection events took place around the world, starting in September 2016, to identify all the young sailors who will take part in the four regattas with 164 kids finally selected to take part.

The O’pen BIC Junior Regatta will see 32 boats, each sailed by a single sailor, compete on an ‘Unregatta–style’ course, incorporating the ‘Bridge of Doom’, a world first limbo-style obstacle on the racecourse that requires sailors to heel the boats over to pass through, increasing the fun element but also presenting a serious test of sailing skills.

• All sailors are under 15 years-of age
• Among the 32 competitors will be six from Bermuda and 26 from around the world.

• Official Practice: June 14th
• Fleet Racing: June 15th and 16th on the Great Sound with precise race course locations determined by weather conditions on the day.
• Half-time show: June 17th taking place between the official America’s Cup finish line and America’s Cup Village Grandstand.

And then there is this guy – heading to Bermuda soon to take part in the O’pen Bic endeavour Regatta. Check out his video from a training session in the famous Molokai Channel in Hawaii.

14 year old Gavin Ball from Hawaii Kai Boat Club prepares for the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda by sailing his O’pen BIC the 25 nautical miles from Oahu to Molokai in 4 hours 39 minutes.

Grab an O’pen Bic from JD and set your junior sailor free this summer… free from stressful capsizing and righting. Free from the stress of regattas to the freedom of the UnRegatta format championed by Bics. Free from s l o w sailing in square boats. They are catching on all over the world BIG TIME and even in our New England area the fleets are gaining popularity and size.

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