Building a Teardrop Trailer with Waterlust

teardrop1If you follow us here, you know we love Waterlust and their great videos, and we also love a good kit boat and the folks at CLC (Chesapeake Light Craft) never disappoint when it comes to great kit builds for all abilities.  We got a chance to check out CLC’s Teardrop at the Wooden Boat Show this past weekend, and it’s even cooler than we had expected. Yes – we need a teardrop camper and so do you!

The Waterlust team has been working on this Teardrop Camper build, built just like their other kits, but trailerable and beautiful on the road, not the water, for once. The Waterlust team is getting close to completion with fiberglass laid and epoxy flowing. They claim to have few skills in the boatbuilding category – but this video proves they have more than the skills needed to build this awesome land yacht! 

Take a moment to check out their latest video, Episode 5, and the others before it as they build this awesome kit. We think the Teardrop is a great way to adventure along the coast when a boat just won’t get you there. But how often does that happen? We’ll take both – a boat kit and the teardrop!

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