O’pen Bic Blast

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 4.58.36 PMYesterday was the 3rd O’pen Bic Intergalactic UnRegatta and it was the perfect day for this fun event. This crazy event is held in quiet and protected Blue Bill Cove in Portsmouth, RI across from the host Tiverton Yacht Club’s HQ on the Sakonnet River. Conditions and spirits were in top form for a great day of racing with nearly 50 kids and 28 boats on the course.

A very special appearance by the now famous “Bridge of Doom” was a highlight for many of the kids who were challenged by this limbo-esque routine of heeling way over (with a crew sometimes) to fit your rig underneath. It took some special skills and planning to make it under “neatly,” and then of course there were plenty of kids who just went for it, got stuck or capsized and then it was a mega log jam.

Other fun races were the “Around the Island” race, taking kids on a longer course around a nearby island in the cove. The ever popular “Candy Haul” race, there were many legs of being forced to “stand up” and sail and also to capsize on command. And all challenges were met with smiles and lots of giggles and even a shore-side “dance off” championed by the Tiverton Yacht Club Dance team.

Stick around for a video wrapup from the event to drop sometime this fall. And be on the lookout for more fun events like this for the O’pen Bic class and if you haven’t caught on to the O’pen Bic “stoke” we have some boats for sale here and we can help you fix that!


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