Finishing Up: Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper Build

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.26.51 PM

The Waterlust team has been hard at work this summer building the Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper. It’s been fun to watch them as they have taken planks and puddles of epoxy and turned it into a real life, moving, beautiful shelter. One which we know, from watching their videos, will take them to the far reaches of the earth, to the beaches and coastlines that they will use to teach us about the ocean.

Team Waterlust isn’t complacent – they are active and on the move – spreading the word about ocean conservation and making sweet videos that support this mission. Watching them build their boats last year was equally inspiring, but to see those skills transferred to a land yacht of sorts, has also been very gratifying.  Have a look at the nearly completed camper and consider what you might build for yourself. Kits make it easy and as you can see, the skills learned while building any kit are transferable to other great builds out there.

CLC has lots of great ideas for different levels of builder. Get your hands dirty and set your imagination free- build a boat or a camper or a kayak or just a toy boat. You will get a greater understanding of the joy people get from building things with their hands and getting a lifetime of enjoyment from your home built things.  Get busy!

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