O’pen Bic Worlds Expose Junior Sailing Stars

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Fresh from defeat in the America’s Cup in Bermuda, Oracle Team USA Boss, Russell Coutts went to beautiful Arco, Italy to cheer on his son Mathias (and to coach the NZ kids there)  who was the eventual winner of his first world championship in the O’pen Bic class. Our friend from Hawaii Kai Boat Club, LP Lattanzi, finished as the top American with a very respectable 5th place overall. JP and his mom, Karen and sister, Pearl, came to Rhody this spring to spread the stoke about the class and to give some top level tips from these world class racers. 

In an interview with the Coutts duo, they gleamed about the O’pen Bic, proclaiming it a “great training boat with a rig that likes effective sail trim for fast, fun sailing.” They discussed how the Bic requires excellent balance and boat handling skills which then can be applied to many other boats. The O’pen Bic, Coutts said, is a “tweaky, tippy boat and as such, kids really learn how to sail it properly from a young age. Technique matters. You can see the kids love to sail the boat and it doesn’t fill up with water. People are realizing that the Bic is logical next step for singlehanded kids boats.”  Father Coutts went on to say that it would be nice to see a double handed boat like the Bic for kids who don’t want to sail alone at a younger age. But right away he acknowledged how fun the Bic is and how kids love to sail it.

His son, Mathias, loves the Bic too. He mentioned the relief of easy capsizing  and righting and he loves the windy stuff in the Bics, “30 knots,” he said he likes! But he is an admitted speed freak and eventually wants to graduate to a foiling singlehanded Moth.

But for now he is the O’pen Bic World Champion and it’s great to hear what top sailors like his Dad think about the fastest growing dinghy in youth sailing. And you know we agree. We have great deals on demo boats for sale. They are in stock and make a great early Christmas present or birthday gift. We are also stocking most O’pen Bic Parts in the retail store for fast shipping or quick pick-up in regatta season.

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