Electrifying Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.22.32 PM

The paint and varnish has dried, the Teardrop trailer looks great and finally it’s time to electrify it with fancy inverters, chargers and lights to outfit the Waterlust teams mobile studio. Us boaters understand the bewilderment that a maze of wires and plugs can cause. The teardrop camper is a mirror of the electrical systems we run and try to comprehend on our own boats. They have some pro help from a great friend who – of course – is a live aboard sailboater.   We can’t wait to see where they are going to head to with their fancy new AV Pod, and we have extended an invite to Rhody where we hope to host them for some more boat building, board shaping or RV spiffing sessions in the TotalBoat Workshop.  

We were impressed with how the Waterlust team did with the build overall. After working with them at the Chesapeake Light Craft workshop last winter on their sailing dinghies, we knew they had potential to build just about whatever they set their minds to. Building from kits, as CLC is best known for, puts boat building – or camper building – in the hands of those who otherwise might not attempt such a daunting project. The Waterlust team has shown that they have learned the skills needed to pull off not one, but two of these kit builds. They weren’t skills they already had in their toolbox; the team had never worked with epoxy prior to building their boats last winter, but after only one build they felt confident and competent enough to go for building this mini mobile unit that will take them on road trips to places that help them make more of the amazing videos they are known for.  Come to Rhody, Waterlust!

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