Get Back on Board the Volvo Ocean Race for Leg 2

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It’s been a week since our home boys and girls aboard Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing won the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. It was one of the shorter legs, but as the debut of the 2017-18 edition of the race – it was an impressive and important leg win. The decisive win has left us salivating for more! And with Leg 2 starting tomorrow – we need not wait for long!

Now, for a bit of info about Leg 2. The leg starts in Lisbon and takes the fleet 7000 miles south to Cape Town, passing through many challenging climate zones like the Doldrums, the Trade Winds, and around (or through) islands that will provide interesting navigating. They don’t have a mark to observe in this edition of the race – as in previous races where the fleet had to sail almost to the coast of Brazil. Instead, if they so choose, teams can head south sooner, down the coast of Africa in a more direct line to Cape Town, but possibly with more interference from the weather systems mentioned above.

As the boats approach Cape Town, they will get their first taste of the Southern Ocean which has plenty more in store for them for Legs 3 and 6.  With 7000 miles to cover, it’s sure to be an interesting race, possibly seeing a big split with the fleet and their chosen courses to Cape Town.

Follow along on the tracker found on the homepage of the VOR website. And cheer loudly, as we are, for Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing – our US Entry from little old Rhody!


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