A Stiff Breeze and A Sweet Restoration

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When it’s blowing 35 knots, are you running for cover or aiming your bow towards your next harbor? It probably depends on the size of your boat – but these salty sailors aboard Adix, a 212-foot, Gaff-Rigged Schooner, see the stiff breeze as an opportunity for a fast delivery to Bermuda from Newport, some 700-plus miles away. They hoist lots of canvas and set sail for a rockin ride over the Gulf Stream and down to Bermuda. Since 35-knots is a bit much for most of our smaller boats to handle, my interest is piqued when I get an opportunity to watch a video of someone else doing it. And so it was with great interest that I tuned in to watch Leo’s video of delivering Adix south, expecting some gnarly seas and sweet footage from aboard this classic beauty, but what I found was much, much more. Leo, as it turns out, is restoring Tally Ho, an old wooden English Gaff cutter from 1910 and he has his own series on YouTube and website. Wild wind AND a YouTube boat restoration series – SOLD! 

Leo is not only an experienced restorer of wooden boats, he is an able seaman with miles under his belt from working aboard and delivering Adix and other yachts. Not only that – he’s a talented videographer and editor, and a busy one at that – delivering a new video on his massive restoration at least every month and often times more frequently.

The job at hand, saving and restoring this old cutter, is no small task, especially when you consider Leo is working alone as a one man show.  Dive into Leo’s project, still in it’s infancy with the keel just removed from the hull and with massive amounts of work left to be done. We are following Leo and hope you will too. There is a lot to learn, to see and to be entertained by in his Restoring Tally Ho videos and we can’t wait to watch him progress.






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