Roam: Tahiti to Hawaii – A Visual Voyage

Roam Lines to HI

Here in New England, as the first flakes have flown in advance of the Christmas holiday, we offer this small gift in the way of dreamy cinematography, an epic sailing voyage and a dose of environmentalism: Roam, Lines to Hawaii, is the first short documentary from the crew at this cutting edge media company.  Roam describes their mission as one which aims to “reinvent adventure storytellling by unfiltering the voices of Creative and Athletic people who push the boundaries and explore not just their own back yard but far outside the documented….to share adventure as it is.”

When raw adventure meets salt, science and filmmaking – it’s a chance to expand the message that so many are screaming about these days: ocean health. By participating in a scientific study on microplastics found in the remote ocean, these high profile athletes bring attention to the mission that every wave rider and ocean lover has to participate in – reduction of single use plastics.

Without forcing the message down anyone’s throats, this sailing voyage is more about exploration of remote places. When your passion leaves you wondering where you can get to without crowds and lines, where you might make a mark on history, but leave no trace of your epic event – often sailing and boating is the perfect vehicle for such escapes.  Sailing, specifically, being free of fuels and powered by wind and the sun in Travis’ case (See those solar panels charging his house batteries? Do you wonder if they started up the engine when the wind died and motored out of the doldrums?), is the perfect vessel for remote exploration. When you’re able to cast off the lines and point your bow towards your dreams, you can truly let go of the dogmatic drains of life ashore.

Where would you explore if given the chance to cast off and run away on your boat? Let us know in the comments below. And keep adding to your boating bucket list – someday you might get the chance to knock some locations off your list and know what it feels to be truly exploring, to be roaming and to feel very free.

Eds Note: My bucket list definitely contains a bullet or 2 about escaping to tropical paradise aboard a Gunboat.  Videos like this just push these items further up the list to a top spot…. anyone [who owns a gunboat in the tropics] looking for very able crew?

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