Hard Water Riding

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Typical for New England, the super cold Arctic blast chilled down the harbors, ponds and bones of all of us who enjoy the water -even in the winter – turning them to rock solid ice – and then it was gone. But while it lasted – some 2+ weeks, there were plenty of us who grabbed our skates, kites and iceboats and RAN to these frozen places. Most know it doesn’t last, and in many winters it doesn’t even arrive once. So when you get a few weeks to play with your ice toys – you better make the most of it. 

Ice boating pics popped up all over social media as grinning sailors took to the hard water in search of speed and smooth ice. Most harbors produced icebergs reminiscent of Titanic stories which now float more freely, trying to separate themselves from the pack ice that is thawing. Local ferries and fishermen braved these conditions and it was biz as usual, but it wasn’t easy. Leaving the slip, breaking ice in little fiberglass boats is not for the faint of heart. The ferries have no choice, and you might say the fishermen don’t either and so off they go into the ice.

Ice boating on Sachem Pond on Block Island's north end. Photo by @theatre on Instagram

Ice boating on Sachem Pond on Block Island’s north end. Photo by @theatre on Instagram

We loved everyones posts, pictures and especially the videos. We are sharing a few with you here in hopes of a bit more cold weather so we can get back out there to enjoy the winter ice and all it brings. And for those who prefer the palm trees and sand, get thyself to the tropics – It’s winter in New England. Deal!

TotalBoat Ambassador Brock Callen even went out on Friday on Martha’s Vineyard where he lives when the 50 degree temps and rain threatened to weaken the thick ice flows. Didn’t bother Brock. He could, of course, launch himself over holes with his kite, and be even more of a badass. If that’s possible.

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More of Brock enjoying the ice on MV.

How do you like this freezing, Arctic weather? Let us know how you stay sane and warm in this harsh winter weather.

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