Award-Winning Film ‘Vanishing Sail’ launches online with Vimeo on Demand.


The Art of Sail

We’ve told you in past blog posts how much we adore this beautiful film about boatbuilding as a way of life in the Southern Caribbean islands. Now you can watch it on your own big screen at home as you stream it from Vimeo’s On Demand service. We can’t wait to watch it again, after seeing the boat, meeting the filmmaker, Alexis Andrews, and of course thoroughly enjoying a screening at the Wooden Boat Show last June. 

Vanishing Sail is launching online just in time for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta which features in the film. This critically acclaimed documentary follows the adventures of legendary Caribbean boat builder Alywn Enoe as he struggles to complete a traditional racing sloop in time for the Regatta. His is a dying art and his mission is to train his sons to keep these skills alive.

Having completed a successful film festival run winning 7 awards, and 80 special screenings in 23 countries, this mesmerizing piece of cinema is now going to be available to screen online, in the run-up to the Antigua Yacht Regatta 2018. As of yesterday, the film will be shown exclusively on Vimeo on Demand: the high-quality streaming platform for independent film.

Five years in the making, Vanishing Sail touches on many emotive themes: the importance of local culture and tradition; the challenges facing small islands; the struggle of young people finding their place in the world and the power of community to heal wounds, create beauty and ultimately overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. With a backdrop of Caribbean island life, rich in music, humor and the daring deeds of sailors and smugglers, the adventure is as entertaining as it is illuminating.

The timeless story continues to resonate with audiences at arthouse cinemas, unique venues and events, regattas, special historical and cultural institutions including Unesco World Heritage sites and coastal communities around the world. This online launch is the start of a voyage to connect with wider audiences beyond just lovers of the sea, islands and craft.

“Bringing the film to a wider audience has always been the main goal of the Vanishing Sail project, to preserve the legacy of traditional wooden boatbuilding in the Caribbean & inspire creativity wherever important skills are in danger of being lost” Alexis Andrews, Director

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