Electrifying Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper

The paint and varnish has dried, the Teardrop trailer looks great and finally it’s time to electrify it with fancy inverters, chargers and lights to outfit the Waterlust teams mobile studio. Us boaters understand the bewilderment that a maze of wires … Continue reading

Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper – Almost Done!

The Waterlust team is finishing up the construction elements on the teardrop camper they are building. They designed and built a new storage box to add functional options for storing all their equipment under the trailer and while it raised their … Continue reading

Finishing Up: Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper Build

The Waterlust team has been hard at work this summer building the Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper. It’s been fun to watch them as they have taken planks and puddles of epoxy and turned it into a real life, moving, … Continue reading

Building a Teardrop Trailer with Waterlust

If you follow us here, you know we love Waterlust and their great videos, and we also love a good kit boat and the folks at CLC (Chesapeake Light Craft) never disappoint when it comes to great kit builds for … Continue reading

Waterlust – Building a Land Yacht

When the team from Waterlust spent part of last winter in the shop at Chesapeake Light Craft, (CLC) they built their first kit boat and apparently took a serious liking to the whole boat building process. But they built 2 … Continue reading

5 Years of Waterlust

It’s been awhile since we blissed out on the magic that is Waterlust. These guys just released a video about the past 5 years of their videography and marine environmentalism. And as expected: It’s awesome! We thought it might be … Continue reading

Waterlust’s Kit Boat Construction & Epic Adventure

A 2-Month IntraCoastal Odyssey from Annapolis to Miami The Waterlust crew has finally pulled into Miami, their home base. After a 2-month adventure, including boat building and lots of sailing (and pedaling), the team is home. Waterlust’s team of 4 built the … Continue reading

Waterlust’s ICW Odyssey – Part 2: “Wetter is Better”

If you watched Part 1 of the Waterlust Odyssey,  you saw them build a very cool sailing canoe with the folks at Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis. Mike Mills from JD was on hand to help them crank these boats … Continue reading

Waterlust’s East Coast Odyssey – Part 1

We have been big fans of Waterlust since we discovered their epic filmmaking with a purpose. This team of water lovers has been on a mission to “produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a … Continue reading

Checking in at CLC with Waterlust

Watch the Waterlust team live on the CLC ShopCam and check out the finishing touches being added to their expedition boats. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we have been helping get the Waterlust Video and Adventure … Continue reading