Splicing Double Braid

Picture this: You’re on the mooring or at the dock, the wind is either too nonexistent to sail or its too much for a comfortable powerboat ride. Why go home? There is always something to be done on the boat, isn’t there? What to do? SPLICE!

Grab a rope that could use a new eye, or needs some loose, gnarly ends fixed up and get your splice on. Could be a dockline, a halyard, a towing bridle – any ropes is a good candidate for a solid eye loop.

This video will help you make beautiful splices with rope that you might think was difficult to splice. But you will be a pro after watching this video. And then grab a beer and your fid and relax aboard your boat, find some shade and practice – then perfect your splice!


Woodwater – Grain Surfboards

When we heard about the guys at the Grain Surfboards shop up in York, Maine we were understandably excited. Sold as kits to build and craft on your own, or ordered in various stages of completion – these ingenious kits fit right into the TotalBoat philosophy of being the master of your craft. If you use your mind and hands to shape and create a toy that you love, the bond between craftsperson and project is forever a part of the joy you get in return.

Jamestown Distributors is proud to partner with Grain by selling their kits in our store and by providing Grain with the TotalBoat line of epoxies, paints and more.  Soon Grain will be on the road, spreading their joy of crafting these beautiful boards and TotalBoat is along for the ride. Watch this space for an announcement about the upcoming East Coast Tour. If you love the waves and appreciate the joy in crafting your own ride, then the Grain boards are for you.  Check out their line of boards here and get to work on building your own.

W37 “Race Horse”

“Race Horse” is a W-37 Class day racer, designed by Stephens Waring & White and built by Brooklin Boat Yard. Footage was shot on assignment by Alison Langley, Eggemoggin Reach, Maine, 2010.

Cutting Beads and Coves for Strip Built Boats

How to set up a router table to cut cove and bead strips for boatbuilding.

How to prep and apply varnish on wooden boats

Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows us some clever tips and tricks for applying varnish. In this video he is putting the first coat of varnish on an old town yacht tender Lizard.

The Tour of Comanche with Ken Read

We were fortunate enough to have a tour of Jim and Kristy Clark’s new 100ft weapon “Comanche”. Here is Ken taking us around the boat and showing Comanche in a perspective that isn’t seen by most. It’s a long video, one of the longest we’ve made, however this is because everything Ken says absolute gold. This video isn’t designed to be exciting or thrilling, it is designed to document an exciting and thrilling boat.

Beetle Cats


Ubiquitous Beetle Cats. They seem as much an all­American icon as blue jeans. With more than 4,000 built they seem to be everywhere, especially on the New England east coast, where the catboat type traces its lineage back to the simply rigged, strongly built, shoal­draught working boats with their characteristic unstayed mast set well forward in the bows, dating from the 1840s onwards.

And the 12ft (3.7m) Beetle Cats have themselves been built for nearly 100 years now. They came about in 1921 in New Bedford ­ the Massachusetts home to America’s whaling industry where James Beetle had built a business supplying open whalers to the whaling fleet; there’s even a Beetle Street in New Bedford. Between 1834 and 1854 Beetles were building 50 whalers a year… Continue Reading