Bottom Paint – 2016

How did your antifouling bottom paint work this season?

Again we are reaching out to our customers, asking for a report on how your bottom paint performed this season. Your answers to this quick survey will again be plotted on an interactive map, letting you see what paints others are using and how they fared across a wide range of boat types, usage frequency, and fouling conditions.screenshot-2016-09-23-11-42-02

Last year, over 1,400 boaters completed our antifouling paint survey. You’ll be able to compare fresh data to last year’s results. Did you spend more, or less time on the water this year? Did you switch paint for 2016? Did you have your boat’s bottom cleaned during the season?

Our interactive results map, seen below (click on the map for latest data), asks you to input your boat’s bottom paint performance, placing your “PIN” on your home port. By entering your exact location on the map, you are populating a larger knowledge base about your specific harbor and which paints work best right where you keep your boat. It’s been a valuable resource for shoppers looking to select the most effective paint for their harbor.

Hop over to the map and check out your harbor. Then enter your info in the 2016 BOTTOM PAINT SURVEY once you have hauled your boat and can comment on your seasonal bottom paint experience.


By completing the survey, you add to a large, helpful data set you can refer to when choosing the right paint for your boat.


And speaking of a large, helpful data set – read all about the extensive testing and research we conducted in the summer of 2015 with the Roger Williams University. We are continuing the testing in sites in Florida and with your help, all over the map.

2015 Bottom Paint Study Summary

2015 RWU Testing Process Report