Install A New Rubrail

Next Tuesday the 26th the TotalBoat Workshop will be busy with more work on the BlackWatch 26. You are invited to come help install a new Tessilmare rub rail alongside a manufacturers rep who will guide us through the simple install while we do the work.

Using a 2 part system, the inner rail is attached to the deck joint and the top piece is snapped onto that. Sounds easy, right? Well… we are thinking there could be a bit more to executing a perfect installation, which is what we all strive for, right?


Come get your hands on the rail and into the job. Coffee, donuts and lunch provided. Drop in for all or part of the install and be a pro at conquering this common replacement part. Tessilmare is the best there is and installation know-how from the best means you’ll look like a pro in no time. And your boat will look sweet, too!

Please RSVP to 800-423-0030



Exclusive Interview: Donna Lange’s Solo Circumnavigation Preparation

When Captain Donna Lange set sail in 2007, she pointed her bow towards New Zealand after departing Bristol Harbor in RI. A registered nurse with a master’s degree, grandmother to 11 and mother of 4, the now 53 year old woman had a successful first attempt at solo circumnavigating, with a few extra stops, plenty of bad weather and an extended stay in New Zealand.  Now she is going back for more, with another attempt to solo circumnavigate on the same boat (a 28′ Southern Cross that is ocean proven and sturdy) – but this time without any stops and without any modern electronics.

She is not only ditching the stops – she is ditching the GPS, VHF and all modern electronics aboard in favor of a sextant and a single-sideband radio. She plans on updating her website often with news of her progress via the SSB radio.  We visited Donna today to drop off a big box of TotalBoat supplies for her work list,  and asked her about her planning, her route and her choice to ditch the modern conveniences that many of us feel are safety nets. She says she feels safer because she can depend on these manual instruments and doesn’t worry about them breaking down or losing signal, etc. Halsey Herreshoff of Bristol, RI and yes – one of the original Herreshoffs’ of the 1900’s boat design and building fame, has been spending time with Donna teaching her the ropes of celestial navigation.

Donna told SAIL Magazine about her choice to navigate with the stars, and it sounds pretty good to me!

DL: This voyage will emphasize the need for traditional seamanship skills to safely navigate offshore. I’ll enhance my experience by being tuned into the energy of the ocean and the celestial bodies. The most exciting aspect of my adventure will be finding my way by being connected to my inner self and immersed in the environment. The SSB allows me to access weather reports, transmit email logs to my website and provide adequate communication while I’m sailing. I will have a transponder so I can be followed and located if I have any safety needs, but I should be able to navigate accurately.

And you can bet we will be tracking Donna on TotalBoat Show on her trip around the world. She won’t be lonely out there with all 6 followers of this blog reading her updates and sending her notes. (ha!) She has solid support from friends and family up and down the coast who will support her along the way – and she has the backing and support of a solid sponsor base. (she can always use more sponsorship, though)

And in case you thought this would be easy for Donna, having done it once before, No way! Donna has a work list and boat that appears to need months of preparation, not weeks. But after spending a little time with Donna and her sturdy boat, I have little doubt that she can get it all done in time for her July 26th departure.  She will be TotalBoat-ing her vessel with the items below and has an ingenious idea for using our floatation foam in a bulkhead!

Here is her TotalBoat Supply List.
Floatation foam                                           1 qt.
Danish Teak Sealer                                     1 qt
Lust High Gloss Varnish                              1 qt
Total Buff-rubbing compound                     1 qt
Total Shine-finishing compound                  1 qt
Total Bond                                                  2 tubes
Total Seal                                                    2 tubes
Total Fair                                                    1- 2 qt kit
Epoxy resin/slow hardener it                       1 gallon
Milled Glass filler                                         1 qt
Wood Flour filler                                          1 qt
Thixo                                                           3 tubes
Thixo fast                                                    2 tubes
Spartan Bottom Paint– blue                        1-2 gallons
Topside Primer                                           1 gallon
Wet Edge Topside Paint –  white                 1 gallon

TotalBoat and Jamestown Distributors are proud to be sponsoring Donna by providing her with all the TotalBoat products she needs to make her boat sail fast and safely and to look great!

Event Schedule:

Donate to Donna’s campaign on her website. She needs more help!

Read the article from SAIL Magazine about Donna’s upcoming adventure.

Watch a video which preceded her last voyage:


Tips from A Shipwright – Part 12: How to Caulk A Wide Seam

More expertise from resident shipwright, Louis Sauzedde. If you have been following along with the series, we left off with a video on how to caulk tight seams. But when the seam is too wide for cotton caulking – it’s time to rethink. Watch as the master, Lou, shows us how to handle this common wooden boat problem.

We love Tips from A Shipwright. Thanks to Lou for sharing his knowledge. Thanks to you for sharing this video post if you too love Lou!



Hot Off the Press, the Spring Catalog is Here!


Have you gotten our Spring 2015 Catalog? Your mailbox should be blessed with its arrival any day now if you have yet to receive it.

Here are a few great deals from this latest catalog:

And as always, we want you to have our catalog by your side as you plan your spring boat work and launching. So if you don’t already get one, request a catalog here.

How to properly caulk tight seams for wooden boatbuilding

Watch Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde continue repairs on a Herreshoff 12 1/2 and share a few of his techniques for rolling cotton caulking into tight seams. Louis describes the tools used and how to handle caulking seams of different widths. Sauzedde’s years of experience make it look easy, and this video shows how his tried techniques are easy to follow, even for the novice boatbuilder.

Find products used in this video at Jamestown Distributors: Caulking Cotton, Caulking Irons, Mallet, Reefing Hook

TotalBond SUP Repair


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Welcome to ShopNight In less than 8 minutes Mike fixed his paddle board with our TotalBond adhesive. The board looks as good as new in no time flat.   Nice work Mike!  

Repairing & Replacing Teak Decking

In this video we will replace the teak wood decking on the sailboat “Camelot”. The old fake teak veneer has began to deteriorate.