Join us for SHOP NIGHT on the TotalBoat LIVE Shop Cam

As Shop Night gets underway for the 2016-2017 season, we invite you to come behind the scenes into the TotalBoat Shop via our new LIVE ShopCam.  We meet every Wednesday evening to get dirty and get our boats in better condition for next summer.  Our ShopCam can move around, and if you like something you see, we can move the cam closer to let you see more.

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Video of the Week: How to Use Teak Oil

If you have recently cleaned teak that you’d rather not varnish, but want to protect, teak oil is a great option. In just one application you can see the wood absorbing the oil, protecting the grain from salt, sun and other harmful exposure. Teak oil is easy to apply with just a rag and needs little upkeep, other than a few coats every few months to keep it’s bright appearance.
See how easy it is to transform your teak with TotalBoat Teak Oil.

See you on the water!


Video Of the Week: How to Use Teak Cleaner


Teak can be a showpiece or an eyesore and it doesn’t have to take 8 coats of varnish to have smart looking teak. A 2-part teak cleaner can brighten and protect teak that is in vulnerable places on your boat and save you time and money. It’s easy to use and every boater wants their boat to look sharp so if you have teak aboard, it means you must have some sort of upkeep and regimen to maintain nice looking wood trim.

TotalBoat’s 2-Part Teak Cleaner is a great solution for those who don’t want to varnish. And varnish is not the right solution for all the teak on your boat, like this swim platform that is often under water. Teak cleaner can brighten and protect even the nastiest teak, removing stains, mildew and unsightly marks. It’s easy to use and in minutes improves the condition and appearance of your teak.

See how easy it can be to use the TotalBoat Teak Cleaner. Within minutes you’ll be a happy customer. Happy boating!


Video of the Week: Boat Painting 101 – Topside Preparation

Inside the TotalBoat Workshop

Proper preparation is key to a good topside paint job, and there are many steps to preparing a boat for this big undertaking.  It’s not a hard job once you have the pieces you need for the job and a good understanding of the process. But there are some very vital parts of the process that we show you in this video, which can make your paint job a big success or an epic fail.

Watch Brendan from Waterman Marine prepare the hull of this BlackWatch 26 for a total makeover. It starts with some TotalBoat Surface Prep and DeWaxer and goes from there….


End of Season Winch Service

This is a great time to think about servicing your winches to have them ready for spring when your mind might be thinking of painting, waxing, the bottom of the boat and other commissioning items. IT’s a great idea to think of winch service as a fall project and this video helps you with all the various moving parts and pieces – all of which require attention and inspection and many of which will want to be greased.

Skip takes you aboard his Swan 42 and shows you one way to deal with winches if you are not interested in removing the winch from it’s seat. We recommend removing the winch whenever possible and bringing it to your workbench or a stable area where parts and pieces can’t get lost. It will also save your deck from lots of messy grease and staining that no one wants to deal with.


Haul Out Season is Underway

If you are psyched that you escaped a hurricane scramble to haul your boat (thank you, Joaquin for sparing the East Coast….mostly….) then enjoy these last weeks of killer autumnal sailing and boating. It can be the best time of year for crisp sunset cruises and sweet catches from the fall run.

And when you haul – and peek under the waterline to see what biology experiment you were conducting down there this season, please chime in to our short and sweet Post Season Bottom Paint Survey and let us know which bottom paint you chose, where you keep your boat and how your chosen paint performed this year!

The live map updates as survey results filter in and you can see each and every result right on the map. Very handy for giving you a glimpse into what paints are working and what your fellow boaters nearby are using and what is working and what is failing.

So once you haul, swing back to the survey – it takes less than one minute to complete. You will be a part of the largest bottom paint data collection ever compiled!  We thank you!

Danish Teak Sealer: Easy to Use and Effective

We just made this video about a product we have been getting rave reviews about: TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer. In this video it is used on a teak deck and brings an older boat back to it’s beautiful teak decked glory.

Not all wood needs to be varnished or even protected. Many choose to leave teak and mahogany to grey and “fade” in the sun, which is certainly an option. But your wood is thirsty and will absorb water and thereby start to produce mold and mildew and this is when a teak oil or sealer will be very handy.

Easy application helps make a case for applying a few coats each season to extend the life of your wood. And right now – near then end of the summer – is a great time to add a coat to your wood. Give it a nice bath and then an easy coating or two of this great product. Your wood will thank you!

Exclusive Interview: Donna Lange’s Solo Circumnavigation Preparation

When Captain Donna Lange set sail in 2007, she pointed her bow towards New Zealand after departing Bristol Harbor in RI. A registered nurse with a master’s degree, grandmother to 11 and mother of 4, the now 53 year old woman had a successful first attempt at solo circumnavigating, with a few extra stops, plenty of bad weather and an extended stay in New Zealand.  Now she is going back for more, with another attempt to solo circumnavigate on the same boat (a 28′ Southern Cross that is ocean proven and sturdy) – but this time without any stops and without any modern electronics.

She is not only ditching the stops – she is ditching the GPS, VHF and all modern electronics aboard in favor of a sextant and a single-sideband radio. She plans on updating her website often with news of her progress via the SSB radio.  We visited Donna today to drop off a big box of TotalBoat supplies for her work list,  and asked her about her planning, her route and her choice to ditch the modern conveniences that many of us feel are safety nets. She says she feels safer because she can depend on these manual instruments and doesn’t worry about them breaking down or losing signal, etc. Halsey Herreshoff of Bristol, RI and yes – one of the original Herreshoffs’ of the 1900’s boat design and building fame, has been spending time with Donna teaching her the ropes of celestial navigation.

Donna told SAIL Magazine about her choice to navigate with the stars, and it sounds pretty good to me!

DL: This voyage will emphasize the need for traditional seamanship skills to safely navigate offshore. I’ll enhance my experience by being tuned into the energy of the ocean and the celestial bodies. The most exciting aspect of my adventure will be finding my way by being connected to my inner self and immersed in the environment. The SSB allows me to access weather reports, transmit email logs to my website and provide adequate communication while I’m sailing. I will have a transponder so I can be followed and located if I have any safety needs, but I should be able to navigate accurately.

And you can bet we will be tracking Donna on TotalBoat Show on her trip around the world. She won’t be lonely out there with all 6 followers of this blog reading her updates and sending her notes. (ha!) She has solid support from friends and family up and down the coast who will support her along the way – and she has the backing and support of a solid sponsor base. (she can always use more sponsorship, though)

And in case you thought this would be easy for Donna, having done it once before, No way! Donna has a work list and boat that appears to need months of preparation, not weeks. But after spending a little time with Donna and her sturdy boat, I have little doubt that she can get it all done in time for her July 26th departure.  She will be TotalBoat-ing her vessel with the items below and has an ingenious idea for using our floatation foam in a bulkhead!

Here is her TotalBoat Supply List.
Floatation foam                                           1 qt.
Danish Teak Sealer                                     1 qt
Lust High Gloss Varnish                              1 qt
Total Buff-rubbing compound                     1 qt
Total Shine-finishing compound                  1 qt
Total Bond                                                  2 tubes
Total Seal                                                    2 tubes
Total Fair                                                    1- 2 qt kit
Epoxy resin/slow hardener it                       1 gallon
Milled Glass filler                                         1 qt
Wood Flour filler                                          1 qt
Thixo                                                           3 tubes
Thixo fast                                                    2 tubes
Spartan Bottom Paint– blue                        1-2 gallons
Topside Primer                                           1 gallon
Wet Edge Topside Paint –  white                 1 gallon

TotalBoat and Jamestown Distributors are proud to be sponsoring Donna by providing her with all the TotalBoat products she needs to make her boat sail fast and safely and to look great!

Event Schedule:

Donate to Donna’s campaign on her website. She needs more help!

Read the article from SAIL Magazine about Donna’s upcoming adventure.

Watch a video which preceded her last voyage:


Springtime Commissioning: Buffing and Polishing

Before you splash with your flashy new bottom paint and brightwork looking it’s best for the season, don’t overlook your topsides which most likely also are screaming for some attention.  Oxidation of your gelcoat, scratches, dirt and dings all contribute to a less than awesome looking finish on the biggest and most visible area of your boat.

TotalBoat has some great products to help with the buffing and polishing of your topsides. Sold individually or in handy kits that contain all you need to get the best finish possible, TotalBuff Rubbing Compound, TotalShine Finishing Compound and TotalBoat Premium Wax all work together (with your muscle!) to get down to a new layer of unharmed, brilliant gelcoat to produce maximum effects. These TotalBoat products are sold individually or as a kit including a polisher (boat polishing kit). The hand polishing kit includes TotalBoat Marine Soap, Fiberglass Polish and TotalBoat Premium Wax. Both kits include round applicator pads and microfiber cloths as well.

These videos from Lou Sauzedde, the ultimate shipwright, show you how to apply the products and the results are worth the effort. And as usual if you have product questions or need technique or other advice, call our Tech Hotline at 401-253-3840. We’re ready to help you get out on the water sooner and looking better!

Spring Commissioning with TotalBoat – Part 1: BOAT REPAIR


The winter was unkind to many of our boats and plans for a tidy and possibly even early? spring commissioning. Around here, snow banks are finally almost a distant memory and any day over 40 degrees feels like a heat wave. So gentlemen and women – start your sanders… time to get down to business and tick off the projects on your spring commissioning  list.

TotalBoat Show is ready to help with the full support of our award winning customer support team and help line. Daily we get accolades from pleased customers raving about how knowledgable and helpful our call center and tech help hotline are. And we work hard to learn about and try every product we can to give you – the customer – the best advice out there for jobs that aren’t always knocked off as easily as the instruction manual might lead you to believe.

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