Hot Off the Press, the Spring Catalog is Here!


Have you gotten our Spring 2015 Catalog? Your mailbox should be blessed with its arrival any day now if you have yet to receive it.

Here are a few great deals from this latest catalog:

And as always, we want you to have our catalog by your side as you plan your spring boat work and launching. So if you don’t already get one, request a catalog here.

How to Buff and Wax a Boat

Since spring is coming soon (no, really!) it is time to think about boat prep and launching. In this video Trevor demonstrates how to properly buff and wax a boat on a heavily oxidized 52′ Sea Ray with colored topsides.

Jamestown Distributors sells many lines of boat buffing and waxing necessities. TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound and TotalBoat TotalShine Finishing Compounds are excellent products we have developed to maximize your shine and minimize your labor. Or get the whole Boat Polishing Kit – including a variable speed Angle Polisher/ Sander, polishing pads, gloves and more!

How To Clean Your Fiberglass Boat Hull and Remove Water Stains

This how to video shows you how to clean yellow and brown water stains from the hull of your boat to brighten the fiberglass. Presented is a cheap way to mixed up an acid solution to remove stubborn stains from your boat’s gelcoat finish.

How To Flush Clean A Boat Engine

Martyn Boaden demonstrates how to flush clean a boat engine.

How to Clean and Care for Boat Isinglass and Canvas

Your boat’s Isinglass is like your car’s windshield: if you can’t see through it, you’re going to hit something! If you want to be able to see through your boat’s Isinglass, the most important thing is maintaining it properly.

How to properly clean, compound and wax your boat!

Shipwright Louis Sauzedde gives a quick rundown on how to properly clean, compound and wax your boat.

How to Restore Faded Gel Coat

Restoring faded gel coat on your fiberglass boat hull is easy, but it does take a little elbow grease. Senior Editor Lenny Rudow walks us through the process, with special tips for boats that will catch a lot of fish.