Electrifying Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper

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The paint and varnish has dried, the Teardrop trailer looks great and finally it’s time to electrify it with fancy inverters, chargers and lights to outfit the Waterlust teams mobile studio. Us boaters understand the bewilderment that a maze of wires and plugs can cause. The teardrop camper is a mirror of the electrical systems we run and try to comprehend on our own boats. They have some pro help from a great friend who – of course – is a live aboard sailboater.   We can’t wait to see where they are going to head to with their fancy new AV Pod, and we have extended an invite to Rhody where we hope to host them for some more boat building, board shaping or RV spiffing sessions in the TotalBoat Workshop.   Continue reading

Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper – Almost Done!

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The Waterlust team is finishing up the construction elements on the teardrop camper they are building. They designed and built a new storage box to add functional options for storing all their equipment under the trailer and while it raised their kitchen operations in the aft end, it’s worth the trade off for tidy, accessible areas to stash their gear.

With the all of the epoxy jobs completed and cured, the team is looking forward to sending the teardrop off to a paint shop for a pro spray paint job and we can’t wait to see what it looks like after. They will also be preparing the epoxied storage box for a DIY paint job which we are helping them accomplish with some Wet Edge paint and primer we sent down their way.  Continue reading

Tell Us About Your Varnish


If you’re like most boat owners – somewhere on your boat you have some varnish to maintain. And it’s either a very rewarding experience looking at your beautifully finished wood pieces or it’s a boon. We sell the best varnishes out there and with TotalBoat, we also make some, too. We want to know which varnish is your favorite. We want to know how many coats and what kind of brush you use and how often you touch it up and add coats. Our Varnish Survey asks you 12 short questions that might take you 2 minutes to answer. CLICK HERE to take the VARNISH SURVEY Continue reading

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Bedding & Attaching the Bottom Planking (Episode 17)


Everyone take a deep breath! Louis Sauzedde is AOK after a week of mad planking. We took last week off from our video series to let Lou and videographer, Halsey Fulton, catch up on the build. They needed some time to get all the planks bedded and attached to the skiff bottom. Yes – we are releasing these videos as fast as they are making them! This is real time, folks! Continue reading

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Prepping for Bottom Planking (Episode 15)


With Louis Sauzedde nearly ready to attach the bottom planking on the TotalBoat Work Skiff, it’s the last opportunity to check the angle of the chine log. This last check gives Lou the chance to plane the bottom edge one last time to make certain the bottom planks will lie completely flat. As usual, Lou has some tricks to share with his fans, one of which makes his electric plane perform better. He also shares a trick for marking your boards with marker to make sure you don’t remove too much of the bevel off of the chine log. A mistake that couldn’t easily be repaired.  Continue reading

Waterlust’s Kit Boat Construction & Epic Adventure

A 2-Month IntraCoastal Odyssey from Annapolis to Miami

The Waterlust crew has finally pulled into Miami, their home base. After a 2-month adventure, including boat building and lots of sailing (and pedaling), the team is home. Waterlust’s team of 4 built the 2 new kit boats in record time at Chesapeake Light Craft, and painted them to be beautiful specimens with our own marine epoxy primer and topside paint. Then the team set off, bows pointing south.  A month-plus and a tropical storm later, (see video 3 in the series, as they took cover from tropical Storm Hermine)  the team reached their home port unscathed by the weather, and invigorated by their boat building experience, the sea and their odyssey. Continue reading

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Hanging the Frames (Episode 12)


In Episode 11, Lou showed us some clever tricks for cutting the frames that will be attached to the side planks. Episode 12 finds Lou using the metric tape-measure to mark along the boat and divide it up so he knows where each frame is going to be attached to the side planks. He then begins installing the frames using a plumb bar to level them so he is certain that they are straight up-and-down. And finally Lou will install them along the length of the boat, at each marked location.
Please share and comment. We love to hear what you think about the series and what you want to learn more about from Lou. Thanks for watching!

Waterlust’s ICW Odyssey – Part 2: “Wetter is Better”

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If you watched Part 1 of the Waterlust Odyssey,  you saw them build a very cool sailing canoe with the folks at Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis. Mike Mills from JD was on hand to help them crank these boats out inside of their 3-week window and to provide some priming and painting expertise. Using the TotalBoat Topside Primer and some sweet colors for the topside paint, Mike set the team up with some technique and some product and got his hands dirty in the process.  Continue reading

Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Bedding The Chines (Episode 9)


This week we are back with Lou in his workshop, and he is bedding the chine log that he cut and fit to the skiff last week. Again, he has created a special tool for the job at hand – a jig that helps him perfectly line up the screw holes with the chine log that is hiding behind the plank. Lou’s techniques follow, as he put it, the “Old Man’s Method,” and as such we have to remind you that while Lou might not exhibit approved safety methods in his shop, we urge you to use common sense and err on the side of caution when using saws and blades and power tools. We prefer the “new school method” but Lou’s been at it a while so we trust his hands know their way around the saw blades. Enjoy!  Continue reading

Waterlust’s East Coast Odyssey – Part 1

CLC Waterlust

All photos courtesy of Waterlust

We have been big fans of Waterlust since we discovered their epic filmmaking with a purpose. This team of water lovers has been on a mission to “produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a platform to raise awareness about the environment,” and we have blogged about them often to bring their awesomeness your way.

So when they announced this most recent mission, to build a kit boat from scratch with Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits then sail it 1000+ miles from Annapolis to Miami through the Intracoastal Waterway, we were all in. Continue reading