Electrifying Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper

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The paint and varnish has dried, the Teardrop trailer looks great and finally it’s time to electrify it with fancy inverters, chargers and lights to outfit the Waterlust teams mobile studio. Us boaters understand the bewilderment that a maze of wires and plugs can cause. The teardrop camper is a mirror of the electrical systems we run and try to comprehend on our own boats. They have some pro help from a great friend who – of course – is a live aboard sailboater.   We can’t wait to see where they are going to head to with their fancy new AV Pod, and we have extended an invite to Rhody where we hope to host them for some more boat building, board shaping or RV spiffing sessions in the TotalBoat Workshop.   Continue reading

The Greenest Jury-Rigged Hero

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There is one story left to tell in the epic Vendee Globe Race – with the final sailor still not yet across the finish line. However – one week ago on Feb 25th – another record setter crossed the finish line and that’s the story we want to share with you here. *With no disrespect to the final racer Sebastien Destremau… But we love the story of the Crazy Kiwi sailor, Conrad Colman, who is one of the 18 solo sailors who will have finished the race out of the 29 that started. Conrad’s finish – like all the others before him – is a massive victory (and like we said about Rich Wilson in this blog post, they are all winners for just finishing at all!) for a few special reasons.  Continue reading

Video of the Week: Installing an Electric Windlass

Having an electric windlass on your boat is like having an extra “mate” aboard to easily deal with anchoring.  Come inside the TotalBoat Workshop as we show you how to install a Lewmar Electric Windlass in the existing anchor locker. With advice on placement, how to build it’s motor and battery into the locker space, and wiring help, this is a great winter project that will pay you and your first mate back all summer long. No longer is it a headache to set or relocate your anchor – even in bad weather – as this windlass can be controlled from the bow or inside from the console at the helm.

Check out the video and don’t be intimidated by this project. Our how-to video will guide you and if you need more help – we are standing by all week long to answer your questions and assist you with your boating projects and improvements.  Call our Tech Help line (800-423-0030) or Facetime us and show us what you’re working on and how we can help you out!

We want to help you make your boat better! And an electric windlass is a great way to reap the benefits of a winter project for years to come.  You can everything you need for this project at jamestowndistributors.com 



How to Install Trim Tabs

Hey power boaters! Ever ride along with your boat full of friends who might not have their weight distributed equally in the boat? Wish you could get up on a plane faster, increasing your efficiency and saving some bucks on the gas? Adding trim tabs could be the solution and you can buy them here at JD and install them easily yourself! Trim tabs can be used on boats of all sizes, and on high performance power boats, too.

Watch TJ as he gives step by step instructions for getting a smoother, more efficient ride. Then get out there and get planing! Send us a photo or video of your boat planing nicely and of your self -installation of trim tabs, should you take this project on! (Send to images@jamestowndistributors.com)

Get on the water!




Hot Off the Press, the Spring Catalog is Here!


Have you gotten our Spring 2015 Catalog? Your mailbox should be blessed with its arrival any day now if you have yet to receive it.

Here are a few great deals from this latest catalog:

And as always, we want you to have our catalog by your side as you plan your spring boat work and launching. So if you don’t already get one, request a catalog here.

How-To Perform Steering System Maintenance

In this how-to video, Chuck Gilchrest from Edson Marine will perform some basic steering system maintenance on a Cape Dory 36. This boat features a chain and wire steering system.

Installing a Radar and Display

This video shows TJ installing a Garmin Radar and Display. In-depth knowledge of wiring schematics is required so it is highly recommended to have a professional do the installation.

How to Properly Connect Wires to a Marine Battery

Loye Futch, a 25 year veteran of the marine industry and professional boat mechanic, who will show you how to properly connect wires to a marine battery.

Boat Battery Check-up and Maintenance

Is your boat battery in good shape? What should you do to keep it properly maintained? How do you clean the terminals? Boats.com contributor Gary Reich addresses these issues and more, in this basic boat battery check-up and maintenance video.