How To Trim a Powerboat

Wondering how changing an outboard or trim tab’s trim position affects your boat? We’ll demonstrate both fore and aft and lateral changes, while trimming a twin outboard powerboat.

How To Flush Clean A Boat Engine

Martyn Boaden demonstrates how to flush clean a boat engine.

UNTIE THE LINES #8- Bocas Break

Part 8 of WhiteSpotPirates’ “Untie the Lines” series; a weekly sailing documentary:

“After all the trouble with Karl’s engine breaking down, I decided to take a little break and help Miguel to transfer Arctic Front to Bocas. Dimitrios and I were ready for a little break because we had been working quite a bit on Karl. It was just the perfect passage…but see it yourself!”

American Promise Re-Power: efficient and low impact

Thanks to our excellent partners: Maine Clean Diesel Program, 11th Hour Racing and Kilroy Realty Corporation, American Promise now has a state-of-the-art Tier 3 marine diesel engine. This engine uses the latest technology to reduce our environmental impact by reducing emissions, noise, vibration and increasing efficiency. This video, made by Ben Carey, introduces you to this amazing piece of machinery.

Boat fuel tank installation Tips

Some tips on the proper way to install a aluminum fuel tank in boat. Which does not include foam or fiberglass. Only Neoprene rubber, 5200 , screws, and thats it. Dont use anything that holds water like WOOD or FOAM it will cause crevice corrosion.

Yamaha Outboard Service Tutorial

How to perform an oil change and annual service on your Yamaha outboard!

How to Make Your Own Outboard Stand

SAIL magazine’s Peter Nielsen shows you how to make your own outboard stand for servicing and maintaining your outboard.