Sea Chair – Art from A Plastic Ocean

Have a look at this beautiful video that speaks to the fact that the ocean is full of all the consumer plastics we use that just Won’t. Go. Away! These clever fishermen decided to do something with all the plastic they pulled up in their nets and create a memento of their bycatch.  Ocean health should matter to anyone who gets enjoyment from time on the waves and in the water. And I think that means YOU!  Continue reading

Video Feature: “You Can Do It In a Small Boat”

Set aside 25 minutes of your holiday morning  (Happy President’s Day) and delight in this little boat doing a BIG trip. This Boston Whaler is what most people assume should be confined to bays, small harbors and near coastal fishing trips – and those people are mostly right. But the purpose of this video, is that you need not have a crewed yacht or even a cruising boat to go cruising. Now, this is more like camping, but the idea is a cruisers mentality. The boat can get you to places you simply cannot reach by land. And lots of them.

So fill your coffee cup, and sit back to enjoy this peaceful trip up the coast of Maine almost to the Canadian border. This was a well planned trip and all the required safety considerations seem to have been accounted for – including how to secure the boat for the night when a 12-foot tide is expected, common to the very northern reaches of this Downeast Maine’s coast.

New England, like many coastal areas we all enjoy, has so much to offer in the way of island and harbor hopping. With a small boat you can quickly get between locations and not break the bank or the boat getting there.

This trip is akin to a solo hike on the Appalachian Trail – but to us boaters, it seems more enjoyable. Foggy sunrises, fish hopping in schools at sunset, the special “wet” that you can’t escape when boating – it’s special and specific to boating. And this guy nails it. Hop aboard and go for a 500 mile ride in 25 minutes. You won’t regret it. And it will give you something to dream up for your impending summer season on the water.

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A Boat of Hope

Check out this amazingly cool “boat” story from the Sacramento Bee:

Stories like these make you realize that something inanimate, like a boat, can really serve a much more powerful role than they were ever intended to. We love that schools are using boats, boatbuilding and boating in general as a means for teamwork and education.  The boat in the video above started at a Japanese High School who used it to train oyster fisherman at the school. It turned into a much more powerful teaching tool and spanned the Pacific Ocean, two countries and probably in the end – many more than just 2 high schools.

Here is the story – but be sure to watch the video, as well. It is a wonderfully told story of how this little boat (a prime candidate for a TotalBoat – WHOLE boat antifouling paint solution…the marine life it attracted on it’s voyage is unbelievable!) connected two cities and gave hope and much more to the Japanese students and residents who definitely needed it!

TSB: Humboldt State geology professor Lori Dengler finds herself teaching much more than science these days – she is helping educate children on two continents about disaster, recovery, hope and how one little boat lost at sea can connect distant worlds.

Dengler will tell the California Seismic Safety Commission at 10:45 a.m. Thursday how to teach students through the incredible odyssey of an anonymous Japanese boat tossed to sea in a monster tsunami, propelled by ocean currents to Northern California and then brought back home.

“My goal is to engage children, parents and teachers in the richness of this story,” Dengler said. “Along with science, it has geography, oceanography and multicultural components.” Continue reading

Fishful Thinking for the New Year

In case you’re like some people I know who twitch at other’s fishing tales, eager to leave mid-story to cast and catch their own – this video by some local Rhody fishing Phenoms will have you drooling and setting up your rods, lures and tuning the engines on the boat in preparation.

Team Woozy got in quite a few days as they show us in this video. And as you will see, the fish were kind to them and bit quite often. You can watch the schoolie stripers progress to the cows that dreams are made of… and then the Bluefin Tuna, blues and longer trips to the Canyons seem to arrive.

Go ahead, drool. Be jealous. Buy more lures and rods and stare at the charts for sweet spots. We have time to plan our 2016 fishing season attack. And plan away because it looks like a full time job to keep up with Team Woozy!

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GoPro Video: An Angler’s Joy

The fall bite is officially here. With “Albie fever” showing up along the Southern New England coast, it’s hard to ignore one’s passion for fishing.  I live with a few crazed fisherpeople, who can’t see or think straight with every fishing story passed along. Where is the bite? What are they eating? What time of day? What tide? By boat or from shore? And that’s just the mania of the saltwater fisherman.

Brent, like many of the crazed freshie fisherpeople, don’t rely on a seasonal bite along the salty coast as the freshwater seems to offer a longer season. Brent is a pro who admits the travel to the venues is the hardest part of his pro-fisherman job. But I can think of a long list of fisher friends who would gladly drive days and miles trailering the fishing boat to find the bite. Brent, as a family guy, might be getting tired of the travel, but as is the secret with most working parents, getting the family behind you makes the challenge and the time apart more bearable.  And before he knows it his son will be begging to come along, to be his boat driver or his hook baiter… to just be with dad. Lucky Brent. Poor fishies.

Fishing Tips: How to Make an Eel Bucket

The fall striper run is almost here which brings our friends, the eels, back to popularity. Eels are great live bait for catching monster stripers and this video is a great way to make a bucket to keep your eels alive and “happy” while they await their fishing assignment. (aka death!)

This is an easy way to keep the eels cool and alive and keep the cooler aboard slime free. Follow TJ as he shows you how to make your very own DIY eel bucket in very little time. And who doesn’t want to go wrestle a monster striper or 6? Eels are a pretty sure way to snag a bite, but you can’t be putting dead or even sleepy eels on that hook – a lively eel will attract attention and look like a delicious dinner for a hungry striper. Take it from TJ…. he knows fishing!

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Here Fishy, Fishy: How to Throw A Castnet

Recently, as I have sailed, kayaked or even swam around the harbor here in Bristol, I have noticed and had conversations about the amazing amount of baitfish that is around right now. The little guys are in massive schools on the surface and their fins are above the water, making it look like a school of grass growing or even a little school of sharks training for their big moment when that giant fin circles a helpless swimmer…cue the Jaws music. And then the BIG fish you really want to catch lunges up towards the bait ball on the surface and makes the big splash that lets you know he’s there and he’s hungry. But not for what you’re serving… these baitfish balls are too easy and apparently, too tasty!

Such is the battle of the fisherman who chases the fish in his sleep and plots his attack on he big guys down deep. You see, being married to a fisherman has it’s benefits (late nights and early mornings with the whole bed to myself), one of which is the osmosis of knowing how-to cast and jig, bait hooks, tie lures onto crazy knot-resistant line and throw a cast net. Wait – no – scratch that last one – the cast net is an utter mystery to me: how the heck anyone can throw a giant net on top of schooling fish and A. get it to lay out the right way and B. have it capture anything on retrieval is beyond me. I get it in theory – but to throw it and get it to work right is an art and takes plenty of practice. I tried throwing the net in the backyard after watching the technique said fisherhusband used and thought that it didn’t look that hard – and ya know what? IT IS!

So watch this video and get to your schools of baitfish with your castnet in hand (or bucket or bag – it’s heavy and odd to transport) and have a throw or 10. Let us know if this video helped your success rate with catching… and with throwing. Cause as we know fishing is easy – catching is not. But if you can make this big net scoop up numerous fish, then you’ve succeeded.  Good luck!

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Happy World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, as is every June 8th. It is so important to respect our Mother Ocean every day, but use today to recenter your own strategies – or make up a new one for yourself and your fellow ocean lovers.

As boaters, whether you boat on a bay or river or ocean, saving and respecting the ocean is of the utmost importance for the health of our planet. With over 70% of the earth covered by oceans, less than 3% is protected and it’s up to us boaters to make a difference and spread the word.

You don’t need to do much to pitch in to improve ocean health. Here are some fun videos from ocean minded organizations to try to get us all psyched up and helping out. We’ve also complied a list of ONE THING you can do to immediately improve the health of the ocean and the planet. Can you help out?

1. Reduce plastic use. THIS IS A BIG ONE! So big that it’s the only one we are listing. Plastic is everywhere in our daily life and the less you use of it – the better off we all will be. Reusable bags and water bottles are so easy. If you are buying a plastic bottle of water often you are a big offender and you should get yourself a refillable bottle and get to the water fountains. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year and out of every 6 bottles purchased, only one makes it to the recycling bin.

Here is a great article about plastic use and some great suggestions about kicking the plastic habit.

PLEASE try out a few of these simple solutions to a healthier ocean:

  • Use recyclable grocery bags. If you forget them, request paper bags
  • Use and fill your own water bottle
  • Buy milk, juice etc in cartons or glass bottles when possible
  • RECYCLE your plastics when you do buy them
  • Try using the dishwashing and laundry soap pods or packs that eliminate the plastic bottle
  • use reusable containers for lunches and snacks, not plastic baggies
  • carry your own mug to your coffee shop and ditch the plastic lids, straws and cups
  • Spread the word! Give a friend a cool reusable bottle, bag or cup to help them out!

Together we can all make a difference. Start today!


46′ Boat Construction Time Lapse

It’s always fun to see something being built, especially when it is sped up into minutes, instead of years. The time lapse process is a very cool way to see the whole process unfold before your eyes and it helps to explain the big picture process. You won’t be pausing the video for any good boat building tips: It’s way too hard to pick out each step – but as a whole, it is an amazing way to capture and share a build.

Race car driver, Jeff Burton, went to the sportfish experts at Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, NC. This area is rich with the flared bow sportfishing boats like Burtons, but Jarrett Bay is truly custom, with no two boats alike and no mold to recreate the masterpiece just off the mold. Each is it’s own masterpiece.

Check out this great timelapse of the build which took less than one year to complete.
And then for more close ups and info about the build and the boat – check out their website and the construction gallery for Burton’s 46′ beauty.  I’m ready to order mine now…


How to Tie 3 Common Fishing Knots

A few years back, a fish-whisperer named TJ worked for JD. While he was here we called on every one of his fishing talents to better serve the world of fisher people. So as the waters warm and the worm hatches and other telltale signs of fishing season appear, we turn again to the sage TJ for advice on how to tie great fishing knots that won’t leave you with a snapped line or a even worse….a slipped knot! If fish could “flip you off” and laugh as they swam away from your shoddy knot, you know they would.