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We have lots going on around TB HQ here at Jamestown Distributors. In our 40+ year history, never have we been stronger, had a bigger customer base or had more of our own product development and testing going on under our own roof. With all this experience selling the best marine supplies, we figured it was time to make some of our own marine products that work better, come with the best customer support and cost you a bit less. TotalBoat has been a labor of love based on this idea. And 5 years and more than 50 products later, TotalBoat has taken off.  Continue reading

Join us for SHOP NIGHT on the TotalBoat LIVE Shop Cam

As Shop Night gets underway for the 2016-2017 season, we invite you to come behind the scenes into the TotalBoat Shop via our new LIVE ShopCam.  We meet every Wednesday evening to get dirty and get our boats in better condition for next summer.  Our ShopCam can move around, and if you like something you see, we can move the cam closer to let you see more.

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Our How-To Videos Help Get the Job Done

When Jamestown Distributor’s customer, Danny Thwaites, submitted these images of his boat and custom carbon fiber hard top rebuild after watching our How-To video on the process, we were thrilled to see that it looks like he was able to follow along and use our video series to construct his own hard top bimini. Which – of course – was our intention. But since everyone who can click “PLAY” on the YouTube video can’t necessarily do many of the tasks in the video, it’s great to learn about the boaters who dig in and go for it (with skill and some confidence).

Danny Thwaites writes to us about the process here and sent us a bunch of great photos about his project. Watch the video series then check out Danny’s photos. Continue reading

TotalBoat Show: Boating News & Lifestyle Delivered To Your Inbox

If you’re reading this, then most likely you already know how we try to tailor our content in this space to be many things for many boaters….namely: newsworthy, informative, helpful, enlightening and entertaining. There is so much you need to know when you own and maintain a boat and we try to be a helpful resource for the parts and knowledge you need to get your jobs done.

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Boat Painting 101: Priming the Hull

In Step 2 of our Boat Painting 101 series, (Watch part 1 here) we have reached the time to prime! The hull is ready for multiple applications of the TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer which will form a nice, thick but smooth surface onto which we can apply the topcoat. Brendan has prepared the hull perfectly and this next step goes smoothly as he rolls and sprays applications of the epoxy based primer to create the best painting surface possible on the Black Watch 26 hull.

If your hull isn’t fair and properly prepped, you can almost count on your topcoat being difficult and imperfect. A great topside paint job is easier to maintain and repair than many of the other professionally applied spray jobs, such as AwlGrip. Pay close attention to the directions on the can and data sheet for your product. Each paint is different and will have varied application instructions, induction times and prep requirements. Your attention to detail in this important priming step will ensure that your topsides have the best possible base for a killer paint job that will last and look great.


Video of the Week: Boat Painting 101 – Topside Preparation

Inside the TotalBoat Workshop

Proper preparation is key to a good topside paint job, and there are many steps to preparing a boat for this big undertaking.  It’s not a hard job once you have the pieces you need for the job and a good understanding of the process. But there are some very vital parts of the process that we show you in this video, which can make your paint job a big success or an epic fail.

Watch Brendan from Waterman Marine prepare the hull of this BlackWatch 26 for a total makeover. It starts with some TotalBoat Surface Prep and DeWaxer and goes from there….


Video of the Week: Building a Kayak – Part 3

Back in the TotalBoat Workshop, the kayak build of a Chesapeake Light Craft 17 is coming along and with the deck ready for fiberglassing, the boat is using up plenty of TotalBoat products, part of our goal in this training and team building project. This video shows the TotalBoat Tech Team working with fiberglass on the newly attached deck and follows them as they cut hatches in the deck, attach the cockpit combing and try out the brand new TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener (Coming soon!) with the TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy. 

Building a small kayak or rowboat should not be intimidating. The scale of the project is workable and you can learn quickly as you go through the various steps of the build. Most of these skills translate well to bigger scale projects and and leaves you in the end with a very cool boat. And a whole host of great skills to take you and your boating projects to a new level.  Enjoy!



VIDEO: Removing Amine Blush from Cured Epoxy

Frequent users of epoxy, such as the TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy, will know this dilemma all too well. Amine blush appears after a perfect epoxy job has cured and adds another step to what is most likely a multi-step process to begin with.  It’s easy enough to clean the blush off – and it’s imperative! Leaving it on the cured surface will pretty much guarantee that any coatings applied to the epoxy will not cure or adhere.

There is confusion about how to best remove the blush from cured epoxy, however. Most people assume reaching for a solvent like acetone or mineral spirits will remove the blush and solve the problem – however this is not the case. Using a solvent only worsens the problem, spreading the blush around the finish and possibly even embedding it into the cured epoxy.

Watch the helpful, short video above to learn about how to easily make this problem disappear. And then share the video, comment on it below or on YouTube and let us know what you think. We want to know and we make these videos to demystify seemingly straightforward processes like epoxy application.




What Do You Want Here?


We want to know about the kinds of content you are most interested in reading here on TotalBoat Show and also in our videos. What tricky boating projects or dilemmas have you encountered that would make great videos? Is there something specific you wish we would cover in this blog space or a special focus you think we are missing?

Basically – we want to cover and provide content on marine topics and projects that are relevant and that matter to you. And as such – you are welcome to send us your ideas and even your projects that are on the To-Do List that might be daunting. We can help! We try to use, abuse and understand all the products we sell to provide superior customer service and tech help. We are boaters, too and when it comes time to cut holes, strip coats or patch damage – we know there are lots of way to get it done. And we can help you avoid pitfalls and hangups.ThixoPro Whaler 5

We are launching a new video every Friday to help with this effort, so we hope you’ll continue to tune in and check out our various media outlets where we try to lend you a virtual hand. Check out our YouTube Channels (TotalBoat TV and JDTV) for our complete library of videos that we have been amassing for years. Then, Click SHARE THIS below to spread around content you think is worthy. Lastly, don’t forget to send us your photos and videos of your own projects. We will reward submissions with some cool TotalBoat swag and feature your work in our catalog, here on TBS and on our website.

Thanks for reading!



TotalBoat Show Year in Review – Bring on 2016!

It’s been a busy year here on TotalBoat Show – and we think it was our best year yet. as we told you, we had our busiest and best product development year for the TotalBoat brand and we will continue to test and improve, add and tweak additional products for 2016.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 15.19.10

TotalBoat Show got a new voice (me, Kristin!) and with a little (?) extra effort we have tried to provide a *mostly* daily feed to you of cool and exciting things in the boating world, of course with an emphasis on the products and boats we work hard on around here and in the TotalBoat Workshop.

We have vigorously tried to engage you with souped up content in the form of guest bloggers, product reviews and intros, Shop Night postings, and stories from funky little corners of the nautical world; from following solo she-sailors around the world (Donna Lange) to speedsters like the Volvo Ocean Racers and the maxi trimarans finishing off their epic effort in the coming days. And then of course, our bottom paint research and reporting was very popular with a live map of over 1300 results entered by customers.

And then comes our most valiant effort, and one which we hear is most appreciated by our JD customers, Our videos. For a long time, JD has been at the forefront of HOW TO boating videos of all kinds. Our recent effort is to teach you valuable boating maintenance, repair and improvement techniques while putting the TotalBoat products to the test and incorporating them into our videos.

Hop over to the TotalBoat Channel on YouTube and check out the OVER 40 videos made in 2015. For 2016 our goal is to launch a new video EVERY FRIDAY, further expanding your knowledge base and resources for great HOW-TO boating and boatbuilding videos.  We will be doing more with the Master Shipwright, Lou Sauzedde in the very popular “Tips from a Shipwright” video series, and of course we still maintain the hundreds of videos we have already made on our JD TV You Tube Channel.

Thanks for tuning in to TotalBoat Show. We appreciate every like, view, comment and even the criticism. Dive into our content here on TotalBoat Show, on our Facebook page, on Twitterour Instagram feed and on the JDTV and TotalBoat YouTube Channels.

Follow along with our content as we endeavor to bring you stories, help and advice on boating topics that matter to you and to us. Send us your thoughts, comments and ideas – and we promise to listen. Happy 2016! Thanks for reading!