Video Series – Building a Carbon Fiber Hard Top Bimini

Biminis are often victim to the very elements they protect you from. Sun, salt and excessive wind can batter even the most stable of biminis and if you have yet to replace one, finding one that fits your existing frame might not be as easy as you hope.  This 3-part video series shows how a boat owner conquered this dilemma, by constructing a hard top bimini to the frame already on a Black Watch 26.

This new bimini has many advantages over the typical canvas types we are used to seeing on the water. Using carbon fiber to construct the new panels, this new solid top adds serious protection from the elements, reduces glare for the driver with it’s black underside and adds a bunch of storage on top for boards of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the construction of this ingenious bimini in our 3-part video series that takes you through the whole process.  If you’re searching for a fun improvement to your current bimini situation, this is a scalable project that is not too difficult for most handy DIY boaters. Enjoy!

How to Apply TB TotalProtect Barrier Coat

Our neighbor down the street, Joel, picked up a sweet Steiger 25 recently. The boat was in bad shape but the hull and engine were solid and the rest of the work Joel knew how to do, so it was a solid buy for someone wanting a fixer-upper mid sized powerboat.

We visited Joel as he was about to apply the barrier coat to the boat’s bottom using the new TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Primer. Joel is so knowledgable – he gives great instruction and insight into how to prep and paint below the waterline using the TotalProtect barrier coat.

Let us know what you think of this new How-to video. It’s a big project so the video takes time to point out all the important details.

How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

As the weather forecast zeros in on what could be a strong Hurricane barreling up the East Coast – it’s never too early to prepare your boat for a big blow or hurricane. Maybe you are in line to have your boat hauled by the busy hauler or boatyard – and maybe you plan to ride it out on your mooring or in your berth. Either way – (and even if your boat is safely ashore) you need to prepare for “the worst” in time to not be panicking and preparing as the storm bears down on your harbor.

This is a very important video on how to prepare your boat before a hurricane hits your area. It is essential to listen to weather forecasts and take the necessary precautions to properly prepare your boat from harsh winds and dangerous waves. You can find dock lines, fenders, chafing gear and thousands of other marine supplies at

Be safe! Be smart! Be Prepared!


Fishing Tips: How to Make an Eel Bucket

The fall striper run is almost here which brings our friends, the eels, back to popularity. Eels are great live bait for catching monster stripers and this video is a great way to make a bucket to keep your eels alive and “happy” while they await their fishing assignment. (aka death!)

This is an easy way to keep the eels cool and alive and keep the cooler aboard slime free. Follow TJ as he shows you how to make your very own DIY eel bucket in very little time. And who doesn’t want to go wrestle a monster striper or 6? Eels are a pretty sure way to snag a bite, but you can’t be putting dead or even sleepy eels on that hook – a lively eel will attract attention and look like a delicious dinner for a hungry striper. Take it from TJ…. he knows fishing!

If you need new rods, reels, lines or lures – Jamestown Distributors has it all on clearance. Check out our Bristol store or shop online for great deals! Ugly Sticks, Penn reels, Berkley Gulp and plenty of mono and braided lines are still available and at great clearance prices.





Tips from a Shipwright: Laminating Wood

Louis Sauzedde, the master shipwright and YouTube star, has shown us many ways to make boat work easier with the Tips from a Shipwright video series. In this follow up video to an earlier Part 1 video, he goes deeper into the steps for laminating wood with epoxy, in this case on the frames of his own 8-Meter sailboat in the midst of a total restoration.

Let us know what you think of Lou and his ‘Tips from A Shipwright’ videos. He certainly presents lots of experience and some sage advice in each and every one and we like to think that even though you might not also be restoring an 8 meter or laminating planks on your wooden boat, that these videos have great appeal to those of us who are enchanted with all boats. Are we right? Or are you in the midst of this very project awaiting this video to tell you how to make it through these steps? Probably not, but just like you might not be overhauling the family station wagon, you might be one of the lovers of TV shows like Monster Garage or Pimp My Ride for the entertainment value. And we think there is none better than LOU for our own wooden boat building version of these how-to shows.

So have a look and enjoy the project at hand, especially if you don’t have to worry about every detail on laminating your own boat’s frames.

Making You Look Good by Making Us Work Hard

This ^ is ERIC. TotalBoat Show peeps, meet the brains behind the product testing and lots of the product development at JD/ TotalBoat. Eric works tirelessly to run and maintain the TotalBoat Workshop where we test and test and test again each and every TotalBoat product we sell and many we are working on developing. He is a boat owner, a DIY-er, a TotalBoat video star and a friendly face in the JD storefront on occasion – amongst many other things.

You might recognize Eric from many of the Product videos on TotalBoat’s You Tube Channel (are you a subscriber? please subscribe!) and you will continue to know Eric as the TotalBoat video king, helping you get your projects done well through our series of Product Breakdown videos and popular How-To videos.

Recently in our customer survey, we discovered that you all LOVE our videos and we are thankful for that. Because we believe that when we can simplify and help you with your boating projects – whether it’s with our great Tech help team that you can reach on the phone or even video chat with (yes! you can FaceTime our tech help to show them your project!) or by creating great how-to videos – that you know we have you covered and we CARE about how your project turns out. ERIC cares about how your project turns out. He does. And just the other day here, we were jammed in a hot boat with a nasty bilge, making a video about how to best UN-nasty your bilge using (of course) our TotalBilge Paint.


See? See how happy Eric looks to be helping you get your bilge looking marvelous?

It’s just another example of how Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat are doing everything possible to make sure you have everything you need – including the know-how – to nail your project and make your boat better with less stress and at a great value. Period. We care. Now go subscribe to our YouTube Channel, pretty please. Thanks! And stay tuned for this great video about spiffing up your bilges. Coming soon!

Happy Monday!


How to Install Trim Tabs

Hey power boaters! Ever ride along with your boat full of friends who might not have their weight distributed equally in the boat? Wish you could get up on a plane faster, increasing your efficiency and saving some bucks on the gas? Adding trim tabs could be the solution and you can buy them here at JD and install them easily yourself! Trim tabs can be used on boats of all sizes, and on high performance power boats, too.

Watch TJ as he gives step by step instructions for getting a smoother, more efficient ride. Then get out there and get planing! Send us a photo or video of your boat planing nicely and of your self -installation of trim tabs, should you take this project on! (Send to

Get on the water!




Spring Commissioning with TotalBoat – Part 1: BOAT REPAIR


The winter was unkind to many of our boats and plans for a tidy and possibly even early? spring commissioning. Around here, snow banks are finally almost a distant memory and any day over 40 degrees feels like a heat wave. So gentlemen and women – start your sanders… time to get down to business and tick off the projects on your spring commissioning  list.

TotalBoat Show is ready to help with the full support of our award winning customer support team and help line. Daily we get accolades from pleased customers raving about how knowledgable and helpful our call center and tech help hotline are. And we work hard to learn about and try every product we can to give you – the customer – the best advice out there for jobs that aren’t always knocked off as easily as the instruction manual might lead you to believe.

Continue reading

More Tips from A Shipwright: How to Strike a Straight Waterline

Since no one seems to tire of the wisdom from the ultimate shipwright, Lou Sauzedde, we again offer a video from his Tips from A Shipwright Series that we guess will be very timely and useful to those of us who are repainting a bottom and wanting a straight waterline. Is there really any other kind of waterline to have? Well, sadly – Yes!

How often have you seen a boat on her mooring with a wonky waterline? It stands out as an obvious mistake and while it’s easy to tape a nice line for your bottom paint job, getting that line to be level and at the actual waterline is another trick.

Painting a new waterline doesn’t have to be a big deal. Nail your topsides paint job and then get out the string and get leveling. Lou’s methods are time tested. He doesn’t cut corners, but does a great job explaining simple execution of common tasks which plague many boaters.


Webcam Roundup…Cool Spots to Spy On

Screenshot 2015-03-23 09.41.03  Screenshot 2015-03-23 09.39.57
Heritage Boat Works Cam                           North Light, Block Island webcam

Here is a list of some great webcams to bookmark. Whether it’s shooting boatbuilding inside a cool shop or catching harbor traffic or even the view from inside a lighthouse – it’s fun to travel the world from your desk. Here is a sweet little list of the coolest webcams we could find.  ENJOY!

Newport Harbor, RI – Fort Adams

Narragansett Bay, Hyatt Cam, RI
(Great view for Volvo Ocean Race start & VOR Race Village)

Block Island, North Light

Artisan Boatworks, Rockport, Maine

Chesapeake Light Craft – Shop Cam

Boston TeaParty Museum

Vineyard Haven Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard

New York, Brooklyn Bridge Park

View from the Bridge of the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2

Fiji, Castaway Beach

Pusser’s Webcams – Tortola, BVI

Positano Harbour, Italy

The Grande Canal – Venice, Italy

Port of Gustavia, St. Barth’s  – French West Indies

Seldovia, Alaska – Homer webcam at the Spit

Catalina Island, California

Port of Miami, Florida

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

RRS Ernest Shackleton Research Ship Webcam

Bird Island Research Station Cam – Antarctica 

Crissy Field – San Francisco Bay

HAVE FUN Exploring!