Save the Date for the JD Tent Sale (April 22)

Get Excited For the Season With The Lowest Prices Of The Year

JD 2017 Tent Sale

Come on down to the annual JD Tent Sale. It’s a great time to get deals on the items on your list of spring launching needs. Not only will we have deals on everything we sell – but we have tech experts on hand from TotalBoat and from many of our favorite manufacturers who are great resources for your project and product questions. Continue reading

Tell Us About Your Varnish


If you’re like most boat owners – somewhere on your boat you have some varnish to maintain. And it’s either a very rewarding experience looking at your beautifully finished wood pieces or it’s a boon. We sell the best varnishes out there and with TotalBoat, we also make some, too. We want to know which varnish is your favorite. We want to know how many coats and what kind of brush you use and how often you touch it up and add coats. Our Varnish Survey asks you 12 short questions that might take you 2 minutes to answer. CLICK HERE to take the VARNISH SURVEY Continue reading

DIY Boat Painting Day – Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow in the TotalBoat Workshop for Quantum99’s DIY Demo Day. This event is structured to help the avid DIY boater get a professional looking paint job with a superior shine and lasting finish. The Quantum99 polyurethane is easy to repair when damaged in spots (unlike other finishes) and with the right technique, the paint is easy to apply with excellent looking results. Let us show you how easy it can be!

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DIY & PRO Boat Painting Days – NEXT WEEK – Dec. 13 & 14


Is your boat in need of a fresh topside paint job? Gelcoat can get pretty old and tired and with a good 2-part paint, like EMC’s QUANTUM 99 finishes, you can apply a professional looking paint job on your own. It’s a big job that can be intimidating, and we get that, so we have invited the pros from EMC paints to come to the TotalBoat Workshop for a DEMO DAY.   Continue reading

It’s Time for the 2016 Bottom Paint Survey



How did your bottom paint work this season?

Tell us how your bottom paint performed this season. Your answers to this quick survey will be plotted on an interactive map, letting you see what paints others are using and how they fared across a wide range of boat types, usage frequency, and fouling conditions.

Last year, over 1,400 boaters completed our antifouling paint survey. You’ll be able to compare fresh data to last year’s results. Did you spend more, or less time on the water this year? Did you switch paint for 2016? Did you have your boat’s bottom cleaned during the season? Continue reading

‘Lusting’ for a New Bureau

Melanie Dresser

For a few winters and many more shop nights, TotalBoat Call Center and Tech Help Manager, Melanie Curley, slaved over her formerly unsightly bureau. It originally was many old layers of peeling paint, proof of another’s efforts to breathe life into the nicely made bureau. And Melanie could see through those layers of paint to sweet looking chestnut base that had, luckily, been preserved for years under the layers of paint. Continue reading

Checking in at CLC with Waterlust

Screenshot 2016-08-15 12.38.41

Watch the Waterlust team live on the CLC ShopCam and check out the finishing touches being added to their expedition boats.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we have been helping get the Waterlust Video and Adventure Team out on the water in their newly built custom boats, built on site at Chesapeake Light Craft. (check out our most recent post here) The design is pretty sweet and simple for a kit boat that can be rowed, foot paddled and sailed. The hull colors have been painted with Wet Edge Topside Paint – in derivatives (aka custom colors) they invented with White and Boston Whaler Blue colors.  The boats have been named ‘Anna’ and ‘Mia,’ for the cities where the boats will begin and end their maiden voyage (Annapolis and Miami). And the Waterlust fingerprint water drop has been imprinted on their mizzen for full branding effect. (And It looks super cool). Continue reading

New Oars for The Small Reach Regatta – By Richard Honan

Our Spring 2016 catalog featured Richard Honan, boatbuilder and signmaker and – as it turns out – rower extraordinaire. Richard has been building boats for years and we have blogged about his amazing accomplishments many times in this space. Richard has a serious following of jealous friends and he often sends them all email updates when he does something cool or builds something he is proud of (most everything he touches is worthy).DSCN3436

So when Richard told us he was heading to the Small Reach Regatta in Herrick Bay (home of Wooden Boat in Brooklin), we were thrilled to hear his newly fashioned oars were yet another TotalBoat project of his. These gorgeous oars were no afterthought and as Richard told us, he coated them with “TotalBoat Lust Varnish, my new favorite varnish.” Read on as Richard explains how he repurposed some old oars he had on hand for the Melonseed skiff he built and was planning to use for this fun regatta.  Continue reading

TotalBoat Project – Photo Contest Winners!


We had such an outpouring of excellent entries to our TotalBoat Product Photo Contest, that we couldn’t choose just one winner. So we decided to award THREE entries as winner in three categories:
Best Photo, Best Project, and Most TotalBoat Products Used.
Each winner will get a $50 JD credit!


You can check out all of the entries – and there were SO many great ones – on our Facebook page

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Boat Building with Waterlust at CLC

Hopefully you’re familiar with the marine based video geniuses at Waterlust. (Check out their website and their YouTube page of great videos). If not, go watch a few or read a few of the blog posts we posted about them.  We are big fans as they cleverly use boating, foiling, snorkeling, kiting, boats and all things water to make top-notch videos with a spin on science and conservation.

So, when Pat Rynne and his Waterlust team came to us with their latest idea and it involved boat building – we knew that somehow we had to be involved. The Waterlust team is set up for this week and next, in the shop at Chesapeake Light Craft where they are constructing 2 sail powered wooden boats that they plan to take from the Chesapeake all the way to Miami via the ICW.  Their idea was hatched from the Race to Alaska, which required that all boats be human or wind driven with no auxiliary power.  And rather than haul out to the West Coast for another R2AK, they decided to build their own boats (design TBA with the help of the masters of design and kit boats: CLC) inside of 2 weeks and head south back to Miami.

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