Waterlust’s Kit Boat Construction & Epic Adventure

A 2-Month IntraCoastal Odyssey from Annapolis to Miami

The Waterlust crew has finally pulled into Miami, their home base. After a 2-month adventure, including boat building and lots of sailing (and pedaling), the team is home. Waterlust’s team of 4 built the 2 new kit boats in record time at Chesapeake Light Craft, and painted them to be beautiful specimens with our own marine epoxy primer and topside paint. Then the team set off, bows pointing south.  A month-plus and a tropical storm later, (see video 3 in the series, as they took cover from tropical Storm Hermine)  the team reached their home port unscathed by the weather, and invigorated by their boat building experience, the sea and their odyssey. Continue reading

Sailing & The 2016 Rio Olympic Games


How to Watch and cheer for the US Sailing Team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

While the above video is not current (it’s a viral sensation from the 2012 games that is worth repeating) it is certainly relevant with the Olympics going on in Rio, Brazil. There has been a lot of talk about the venue, Rio’s lack of preparedness and the water quality specifically, have been topics that are close to sailors, as they have a good chance of not only sailing in contaminated water, but of having trash in the water foul their blades (rudders, centerboards, etc) which could certainly affect medal chances and make or break a race for any sailor out there.  Continue reading

Intergalactic FUN for O’pen Bic Junior Sailors

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.35.24

When you get 50 kids in one spot on a hot summer day, you better have a great plan to keep them busy and smiling (50 whiners is not pretty…). One sure way, we have found, is to send them out on a fleet of O’pen Bics with a partner and make them do crazy things while under sail. It seems this technique keeps the junior sailors occupied with thoughts about how to best hot-shot the fleet and come up with the coolest trick or the best technique for some challenging “UnRegatta” sailing. Continue reading

Join Us Tomorrow: Providence Community Boating’s ‘Renaissance Regatta’

TOMORROW – Thursday July 21 is the Providence Community Boating Renaissance Regatta.  Please come! It is a fun event with lots of cool boats to check out and maybe even take a ride on one! DSC_0001w

  • Junior Regatta for the Sailors

  • The very beautiful Sparkman and Stevens, “Sonny” will be showcased dockside

  • The extreme ‘Moth’ Foiling sailboat will be doing a foiling and Racing Demo

  • A high performance catamaran – M32 will be on hand for Demos and boat rides

Continue reading

Sea Chair – Art from A Plastic Ocean

Have a look at this beautiful video that speaks to the fact that the ocean is full of all the consumer plastics we use that just Won’t. Go. Away! These clever fishermen decided to do something with all the plastic they pulled up in their nets and create a memento of their bycatch.  Ocean health should matter to anyone who gets enjoyment from time on the waves and in the water. And I think that means YOU!  Continue reading

R2AK – Race to Alaska – It’s [Full] On!

The second iteration of the Race To Alaska by the Northwest Maritime Center is underway on Leg 2 from Victoria, BC to the finish in Ketchikan, Alaska. (read about our report on last year’s inaugural race here) Already, speed demons aboard the Marstrom 32 catamaran, Team Mad Dog, seen in the video above, have pulled so far ahead of the fleet, that they will most likely finish long before most other competitors have gotten half way. Continue reading

Chaos and Champagne in the 50th Newport-Bermuda Race

comanche bda

In this 50th edition of the famous ocean race, an early forecast threatened the fleet with nasty wind and waves in the Gulf Stream, but it didn’t stop ‘Comanche’ from setting a new course record. The rest of the racers now battle light air instead of gales, with most only halfway to Bermuda.

Comanche, the super fast 100-footer built by Hodgdon Yachts of Boothbay, Maine was built to shatter records and she has done just that with a new course record for the Newport – Bermuda Race. In this 50th anniversary running of the race, Comanche finished the 635 race in 34hrs 42min 53sec, almost five hours ahead of the previous record of 39:39:18 set in 2012 by George David in Rambler. Continue reading

Launching Day! Time to Go Boating!

Ladies and Gentlemen – start your engines, raise your sails, point your bow towards your home port and GO! Boating season is upon us and here in the northeast, we have been off to a slow start. This past weekend, when many of us planned to launch, Mother Nature blew up a steady 20+ knot front and whipped up the harbors into a frothy and unwelcoming scene. Continue reading

World Match Racing Tour in Newport All Week Long

Screenshot 2016-05-31 10.02.11

Photo by Ian Roman/ WMRT

In case you took the first week of June off and need something to do…there is a week-long sailing spectacle going on outside Fort Adams State Park on Narragansett Bay. The World Match Racing Tour is in Newport for the week and with it comes a boat load of world renowned sailors and some fast, fun boats to watch. Sailing stars from various countries and world titles (Volvo Ocean Race, Olympic medalists and more) are racing on Marstrom 32’s (M32s) – catamarans and while pea soup fog made for challenging conditions for the teams on day 1, there was plenty to see though as the action packed racing was conducted between fog banks.

The first two days of the event are qualifying fleet races to determine the top 16 teams to begin match racing on day three (tomorrow – June 1). Five high performance M32 catamarans are being used, so the 20-strong line-up has been divided into four groups – with eliminations ongoing heading into the finals through Saturday, June 4 when the live-televised Final is set to take place from 2-4 p.m. Semi finals are first on Saturday from 10am-2pm  with finals to follow from 2-4pm.

Parking at Fort Adams is free, as is admission to the State Park where you can watch from the shoreline (As was the case with the AC World Series and the Volvo Ocean Racing) There will be plenty to do and see. Will we see you there!

Schedule for the week and venue information can be found here. See you there!

Ship Scuttling

Here is something you don’t see every day! A ship scuttling with a few crew members left on board accidentally (we can only assume). In any case – Disclaimer would of course be: Don’t try this at home.

Using the GoPro to capture many angles and the underwater sinking, makes this particularly entertaining. The water looks lovely in this neck of Cape Kamenjak, Istrian peninsula, Croatia. Any one been to Croatia? It’s on my bucket list….cruising there is said to be insanely beautiful. One day… and i bet there will be some killer diving to be done around this shipwreck. Someday…. enjoy the long weekend!