Save the Date for the JD Tent Sale (April 22)

Get Excited For the Season With The Lowest Prices Of The Year

JD 2017 Tent Sale

Come on down to the annual JD Tent Sale. It’s a great time to get deals on the items on your list of spring launching needs. Not only will we have deals on everything we sell – but we have tech experts on hand from TotalBoat and from many of our favorite manufacturers who are great resources for your project and product questions. Continue reading

5 Years of Waterlust

CLC Waterlust

It’s been awhile since we blissed out on the magic that is Waterlust. These guys just released a video about the past 5 years of their videography and marine environmentalism. And as expected: It’s awesome! We thought it might be a perfect weekend blog post for you – to enjoy as you ponder what your own watery summer will hold.  Continue reading

Restoring Classic Hulls in the Workshop

 Water to wine: Nicer Cabin Shape for GRP Classic

When Mike Zani moved to the banks of the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island, he wanted a beautiful yacht for his mooring but was not willing to pay $50,000 for one of the fine-lined modern/classic daysailers on the market today, writes Chris Museler.

A cool $4,500 bought him a 1962 Cape Cod Marlin, a GRP derivative of L Francis Herreshoff’s Fish Class design, but with a blister cabin house and a strip of opaque GRP in place of portholes (ugh!).

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Happy New Year from TotalBoat Show!


2016 has been an awesome year for us at TotalBoat Show. We launched a video series with Tips from a Shipwright that you all seem to love, as well as lots of new products to make your boat better and your wallet heavier. We also launched with tons of How-to info to help you get the job done right. We have been busy in the TotalBoat workshop with product testing and research and lots of cool restorations and projects. Are you following along with us? Subscribe to our blogs on to keep up with all the action!  Continue reading

A Year of TotalBoat Workshop


2016 has been very kind to the team at With Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde working on the TotalBoat Skiff and providing videos weekly (ok – we gave him this week and last week off…), we have a growing fanbase for Lou and his skiff build and for all thing TotalBoat.

Catch up on all 23 episodes of the TotalBoat Workskiff so far by binge watching them on this playlist – so when January 6th rolls around, you are up-to-date and ready to watch episode 24.  Continue reading

Tell Us About Your Varnish


If you’re like most boat owners – somewhere on your boat you have some varnish to maintain. And it’s either a very rewarding experience looking at your beautifully finished wood pieces or it’s a boon. We sell the best varnishes out there and with TotalBoat, we also make some, too. We want to know which varnish is your favorite. We want to know how many coats and what kind of brush you use and how often you touch it up and add coats. Our Varnish Survey asks you 12 short questions that might take you 2 minutes to answer. CLICK HERE to take the VARNISH SURVEY Continue reading

TotalBoat Hats for All


Have you seen friends, sailors, lifeguards, kids, and fishermen sporting the TotalBoat trucker hat this year? It became quite a “thing” in 2016 and it just could be the perfect holiday gift…. for everyone on your list. Shove it in a stocking, hide it under the menorah – there is a color and fit for everyone!  FREE SHIPPING applies to these hot hats when you order from   Continue reading

Boats Worth Restoring – SeaCraft City

We love old boats around here. Wooden boats, fiberglass boats, power or sail – we love [mostly] all of them and a good portion are worthy of your time reading about them here… and our time restoring them, making them perform better, be safer and ALWAYS look better.


We bring you this video below of the restoration of a 23-foot Seacraft becuase the folks at Metan Marine are like-minded pros who see the value in saving, bettering and bad-assing up these classic hulls. Older Seacrafts are somewhat of a cult classic – and I say so, because I speak from experience. As the owner of a 1974 Potter built SeaCraft Sceptre, we have invested time and money into preserving this awesome hull and plan to continue to upgrade each system until it’s like-new.  Continue reading

TotalBoat Workshop: Skiff Building & Boat Restorations


Don’t forget your Friday Video of the Week and the latest installment of the TotalBoat Work Skiff build with Louis Sauzedde can be found on’s blog roll now.

Be sure to sign up there for a subscription so you don’t miss any of the great content we are posting on our new website. We are featuring lots of great boat projects as well as a full refit of a Graves Constellation racer/ cruiser being documented on our TotalBoat Workshop blog. Plenty to see and read there so head on over and have a look.  Continue reading

Louis Sauzedde, The Master Shipwright


We hope you have been following along with Louis Sauzedde as he builds the TotalBoat Work Skiff. We have been publishing the mostly weekly videos in this space, and announced last weekend that we are moving the blog posts to our new blog page. We hope you’ll follow us there and continue to find great boating and boatbuilding news in this space. Continue reading