Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper – Almost Done!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 9.27.56 AM

The Waterlust team is finishing up the construction elements on the teardrop camper they are building. They designed and built a new storage box to add functional options for storing all their equipment under the trailer and while it raised their kitchen operations in the aft end, it’s worth the trade off for tidy, accessible areas to stash their gear.

With the all of the epoxy jobs completed and cured, the team is looking forward to sending the teardrop off to a paint shop for a pro spray paint job and we can’t wait to see what it looks like after. They will also be preparing the epoxied storage box for a DIY paint job which we are helping them accomplish with some Wet Edge paint and primer we sent down their way.  Continue reading

Finishing Up: Waterlust’s Teardrop Camper Build

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.26.51 PM

The Waterlust team has been hard at work this summer building the Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper. It’s been fun to watch them as they have taken planks and puddles of epoxy and turned it into a real life, moving, beautiful shelter. One which we know, from watching their videos, will take them to the far reaches of the earth, to the beaches and coastlines that they will use to teach us about the ocean. Continue reading

It’s Time: Bottom Painting on the Trailer

Last year we introduced this nifty new contraption to help you paint the bottom of your trailered boat while still on the trailer. Reaching the entire bottom of the boat on a trailer was mostly impossible and has been a boon to trailered boaters for years. If this is your story: check out this video about this brilliant solution.

The TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift is the answer. In case you missed our intro last spring – here it is again! The lift attaches to most trailers and with 4 units, each capable of holding 2500 pounds, can lift a boat of up to 10,000 pounds. Each lift can be cranked by hand on all 4 points and lifts the boat approximately 8-12″ off the trailer giving you plenty of room to paint the bottom, service bunks or rollers or do other trailer maintenance like rewiring.

While raising the boat, it’s easy to keep the load balanced by turning the adjustable rod on each lift one half turn at a time. As your boat lifts up off of the trailer, it remains stable and secure because the lifts are attached firmly to the trailer itself.

Check out the webpage for this very helpful product and try it out. We even offer free shipping on it for the time being – so HURRY!

GoPro Video: An Angler’s Joy

The fall bite is officially here. With “Albie fever” showing up along the Southern New England coast, it’s hard to ignore one’s passion for fishing.  I live with a few crazed fisherpeople, who can’t see or think straight with every fishing story passed along. Where is the bite? What are they eating? What time of day? What tide? By boat or from shore? And that’s just the mania of the saltwater fisherman.

Brent, like many of the crazed freshie fisherpeople, don’t rely on a seasonal bite along the salty coast as the freshwater seems to offer a longer season. Brent is a pro who admits the travel to the venues is the hardest part of his pro-fisherman job. But I can think of a long list of fisher friends who would gladly drive days and miles trailering the fishing boat to find the bite. Brent, as a family guy, might be getting tired of the travel, but as is the secret with most working parents, getting the family behind you makes the challenge and the time apart more bearable.  And before he knows it his son will be begging to come along, to be his boat driver or his hook baiter… to just be with dad. Lucky Brent. Poor fishies.

O’Pen Bic Super Sailing Summer

Over here at TB HQ we have been in O’Pen Bic heaven this summer. The TotalBoat team has put 4 of our own brand new “demo” boats on the road and we emailed local sailing programs to see who wanted to borrow and fall in love with this super fun kids boat for a few days. (We even asked YOU – remember this post?)

Well it’s been a big success. Kids ran to our delivery trailer to help unload and rig the boats and to check out the open hull and cool, simple to rig mast and sail. And the yacht clubs, sailing programs and kids have all shouted out a resounding “BIC’s RULE” cheer after an hour, a day or a few days behind the tiller.

Our own O’Pen Bic Regatta last week (wrap up post here….) was windy and wet and wild and giant smiles were contagious amongst the kids and parents. FUN was the theme of the event that day and it goes right along with the boat… forget the bailer, forget tying 55 little lines to rig your sail to the mast and boom, forget panicking and hating sailing when you capsize – because the O’Pen Bic shuts all this worry and hassle down – leaving only fun and planing and rigging inside of 5 minutes in it’s wake.

We have 4 boats that we trailered around that will be up for sale as of next week. Marked down considerably – even a brandy new boat is already way less than a new Opti – and this Summer Tour fleet will move fast at a great price. Interested in your own boat? Contact us (kristinb@jamestowndistributors.com) and we will hook you up with all the info and pricing and set you up right!

The video above is a testament to the joy the boats bring to junior sailors. Built for speed and dragging along the beach and easy sailing – they are a dream boat for kids aged about 8 and up… (age depending on skill level and weather, etc).

Watch the video and catch the fever! BAILING IS CANCELED! Bic Sailing is ON!
And if your kid is begging (like mine are): Buy a NEW O’pen Bic here!

*video coming soon from the Intergalactic Regatta!

Mad Boat Trailer Loading Skills

DON’T Try this at home! Seems a bit dangerous but this captain nails it, entering his trailer bunks at about 20knots. (ish). You can tell at a boat ramp who has done this before and who is green. It’s akin to watching people attempt to dock their boats; backing up a trailer, getting all the pieces checked off the launching or hauling checklist (drain plug, transport straps, engine tilt, bow clip…) and NOT making a spectacle of yourself or ruining your car/ truck/ boat/ trailer/ first mate – all of it – easy to do if you don’t know what you’re doing!

While it’s riveting to watch people screw up and make a mess of their boating – it’s also nice to see the skilled yachtspeople nail it. And this guy nails it!  Enjoy!


Launching the Big Boys

Here in the northeast we are well into the launching season. Winter was long and hard here and somewhere mid to late May, Mother Nature flipped the switch and turned on summer. With barely a springtime for boat prep, those of us who have not yet launched are madly working on bottom paint, varnishing and the other systems needed to get the boat well equipped and ready to go! These few videos will put your own project into a scale that will hopefully make you appreciate the size of your job. And the size of your fuel tank and the bill that comes with it.

These new superyachts are escorted to the slings by entire companies of boatworkers. No one standing under the boat in the lift to paint where the poppets stood for the winter. There aren’t any last minute phone calls to friends for extra hands or cases of beer to the lift operators for cutting ahead in line at the travelift. (not me…)

Imagine, though, if these superyacht owners had to paint their own bottoms or buff their own topsides – I bet one million of us would tune into that show. Wonder how many gallons of paint it takes to paint the bottom of Irimari below here? Anyone want to guess?

And then down below again here is something to ground us. A few boats being launched on a mystery island where there is no travelift. There is barely a boat ramp (UPDATE: New boat ramp for 2015!)  and they use a fork lift with slings to launch boats of all shapes and sizes. There is basically ONE show in town for these boats, and Mr Name Removedtoprotectinnocent is  THE man. Wonder how long his list is for a hoist and dump?

BIensign IMG_0561

I’ll run out to said mystery island this weekend and investigate more about this launching system. It’s my duty. You’re welcome!

**SUBMIT your launching pics to us at images@jamestowndistributors.com for an entry to our photo contest and for a chance to win TotalBoat swag. Please include the boat name, type, homeport and your contact info.

Submit photos by June 15, winner announced June 19.


Vanishing Sail – Movie Premier Today

Today is the day! For years, filmmaker Alexis Andrews has been in the southern Caribbean filming, watching and soaking up the world of island boatbuilding. Carriacou sloops are famous around many tropical racing circuits and their time has come – today, April 30th, the full length film, Vanishing Sail, will premier at the St. Barth’s Film Festival.

This “trailer” has been around for a while – but it’s a good reminder of why it’s exciting that the film is finally done and soon the rest of us (not in St. Barth’s) will have a chance to buy and view this major sailing film undertaking.  Continue reading

Show Us Your Launching!

Everybody’s doin it… and we want pictures!

Send us a pic of your boat being launched and we will post a gallery of your photos on our Facebook page and on TotalBoat Show.

Look at all the creative ways people splash their boats! We can relate with the desire to just get the thing wet, and there are some creative boaters out there getting it done. Whether it’s with a trailer, block and tackle, an army of pals, a TravelLift or a tractor – show us your launching pics, tell us about your boat and where your homeport is and click send!

Post to our Facebook page or email your launching photo to images@jamestowndistributors.com

We can’t wait to make a splash! with all your photos!

Badass Amphibious Beach Boat

Bill Springer of Swizzle Media kinda likes this badass boat and files this report about the Sealegs Tender. Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat Show loves Sealegs too: they are great customers and what’s not to love about this rad ride?

Swizzle: The Sealegs 7.1 Meter amphibious RIB is way, way more James Bond than your average yacht tender. In fact, the Sealegs 7.1 is really just a commercially available, 165-horsepower-badass-amphibious-military-assault-vehicle that any aspiring SEAL, or more accurately, anyone who wants to take their tender game to the next level, can drive up the beach!

I mean really.  What could be a better yacht tender than a commercially available 165-horsepower-badass-amphibious-military-assault-vehicle? Ummmm. Nothing.


And in fact, there are some very real advantages to being able to drive up the beach in addition to being utterly badass. Especially if you live on, or close to a beach but not necessarily to a dock. It’s like a Range Rover that doesn’t need a ferry to get to Nantucket or even a lauch ramp. The whole range of Sealegs (from 6.1 meters to 7.7 meters, some even have enclosed space) scratch a very specific itch. And think what the neighbors will say when they see you driving this bad boy down the road on the way out for a day of fishing or just hanging out on an outer beach with friends. Who wouldn’t want to drive ashore without ever getting your feet wet?

And what better way to test such military-grade badassness than during a particularly nasty day when the wind never dipped below 20-knots, and the sun was to scared to shine. I’m mean look at sand being whipped across the beach in these photos. This was a badass test day for a badass boat.
Underway, it performed beautifully. Its powerful 165-horsepower outboard made it easy for us to punch it up to almost 30-knots and carving turns through the steep chop was simply, fun.
The boat’s clever design allows the wheels to be fully retracted when underway so, apart from just a little extra weight (and seeing big, beach-friendly wheels in weird places), they have virtually no impact on the boat’s on-the-water performance.
 And then, you simply push a button, the wheels rotate into position and bang….you simply drive out of the water.
And there’s more of this to come. Tune back in soon for more disruptive boats at SwizzleSportsMedia. And thanks for the report,  Mr. Swizzle.