JD Tent Sale to Feature “Mini” Boat Show

First Ever Customer Boat Display at JD Tent Sale Runabout tent sale

Next Saturday’s JD Tent Sale is always a big hit with the local and sort-of local customers. Why not road trip on a spring Saturday to come check out the deals and offers and to take in some of our special seaside town, here in Bristol, RI. The Tent Sale IS a great excuse to visit the JD and TotalBoat HQ, and this year even moreso because we will have Louis Sauzedde from the TotalBoat Work Skiff video series here. Everyone seems to want to meet Louis, but we suspect they want to check out his amazing skiff and with that in mind, we got to thinking that there are other customers doing amazing boat building. And most likely, customers like you want to see those projects, too. Continue reading

Preparing to Launch!

Screenshot 2017-03-10 15.48.26

As springtime draws closer and the fading sunlight greets us after work, it’s a reminder that it’s time to get busy on the boat to-do list. With longer, warmer days (Exception being this awesome New England March snowstorms) comes increased daydreaming about getting the boat launched and using it! Time to check your supplies, peek under the cover and get ready to be very busy for the  next few months.  Continue reading

Winter Photo Contest – From YOUR Workshop

Photo Contest

We have shown you the inner workings of our own TotalBoat Workshop – a busy scene with lots of R&D, restorations and little, boat projects and lots of Shop Night fun.  Now it’s your turn to show us what you have going on in your own workshop. We want to see the saw dust and sticky messes from your workbench. It’s all part of the beautiful building and tinkering process, the victories and the mistakes and mishaps – all of it. Send us your image(s) with a caption about what your photo is about and we will include you in our photo album of Workshop Pictures on our Facebook page and on TotalBoat.com. (Contest Photo Album to come soon!)  Continue reading

Boston Light – Herreshoff Marine Museum’s Winter Lecture


Winter is only just getting going, and with comes the need to keep busy and reminisce to sunnier boating days of summer. One solution to beating the winter blahs is to take a field trip to Bristol, RI to check out the amazing Herreshoff Marine Museum. By day, it’s a museum of America’s coolest and most important preserved classic yachts that is absolutely worth checking out. Some boats are even hanging from the ceiling, like the famous first-ever catamaran, Amaryllis, an 1875 NG Herreshoff design and invention, with other boats on stands with ladders so you can climb aboard. By night, the museum hosts galas, regattas and weddings – but come wintertime, you’ll find the museum hosting the Winter Lecture Series. The series is full of great speakers and storytellers. The next one, coming THIS THURSDAY the 19th (tomorrow!), features a great presentation on the history of Boston Light by the Keeper herself, Sally Snowman.  Continue reading

Closing in on La France, Quickly!

HugoBoss Record

With the Vendee Globe solo ocean racers closing in on day 70, both the predictable and the unpredictable has happened. Quite predictably, 11 skippers and yachts have retired from racing with only 18 left to race to the finish line off Les Sables D’Olonne, France. And quite unpredictably, Alex Thomson, who is not far off the pace, pushing hard behind the leader, Armel Le Cleac’h on “Banque Populaire VII,” has set a new 24-hour for distance and speed covered in 24 hours on a monohull with a blistering average speed of 22 knots!  Continue reading

Hooked on Louis Sauzedde, the Affable Shipwright

Lou Ep 18 Get Smart, Get Motivated With Tips from a Shipwright

We’re not the only ones loving Lou Sauzedde and his Tips From a Shipwright series on building the TotalBoat Work Skiff. Lou’s work and the work of videographer Halsey Fulton, has caught the eye of much of the world wide web, especially the crafty creatives over at Hand & Eye, a great website, blog and media company with a focus on the “maker culture.” Continue reading

Hydrofoil Cruising – Why Not Fly?


Why not fly behind the boat instead of being dragged? Imagine if Orville and Wilbur Wright had said, “No thanks, we’re happy just towing the plane behind the … car? Foiling is taking off as the latest waterborne craze and we are right there with it.  We love being out on the boat and being towed on surfboard, wakeboard, tube or waterskis. So why not get some lift involved? Continue reading

A Cape Horn Christmas

Photo sent from the boat Famille Mary - Etamine du Lys, on December 19th, 2016 - Photo Romain AttanasioPhoto envoyée depuis le bateau Famille Mary - Etamine du Lys le 19 Décembre 2016 - Photo Romain Attanasio

Photo sent from the boat Famille Mary – Etamine du Lys, on December 19th, 2016 – Photo Romain AttanasioPhoto envoyée depuis le bateau Famille Mary – Etamine du Lys le 19 Décembre 2016 – Photo Romain Attanasio

The frontrunners of the Vendee Globe fleet are closing in on or even rounding Cape Horn today, a feat for all sailors, no matter how many times you pass it to port. A christmastime rounding will be especially emotional for many skippers as they find themselves increasingly alone at the Horn.  As predicted, the attrition rate is going up as the skipper count goes down.  As of yesterday, you can add to the list of disqualifying events, another dismasting, a sinking and a self-rescue. 
Continue reading

Happy Holidays From TotalBoat


Lou is taking a holiday break this week and next but he will be back in 2017 to keep building the TotalBoat Work Skiff. In the meantime, we wish you very Happy Holidays from TotalBoat and the whole crew at Jamestown Distributors. We are so thankful that you come here to our blog to learn about products and processes, to learn about the boating world and to share your own progress and questions with us.  Continue reading

DIY & PRO Boat Painting Days – NEXT WEEK – Dec. 13 & 14


Is your boat in need of a fresh topside paint job? Gelcoat can get pretty old and tired and with a good 2-part paint, like EMC’s QUANTUM 99 finishes, you can apply a professional looking paint job on your own. It’s a big job that can be intimidating, and we get that, so we have invited the pros from EMC paints to come to the TotalBoat Workshop for a DEMO DAY.   Continue reading