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Jamestown customers are great! 

We get to hear about so many cool projects that are going on and we get to interact with all of these interesting folks that are making very cool things. We thought we should build a page and share some these stories. Enjoy!


If you can pronounce the name Padanaram, you’re either from the area or you know all about Concordia Yawls. This isn’t to say there are not other reasons to know about this famously fabulous yacht yard near Buzzards Bay, MA. Since 1926 beautiful yachts of many shapes and sizes have emerged from this yard, from Beetle Cats to frostbiters to the most famous of all, the coveted Concordia Yawl. Penned by the father of the deep-V hull, C. Raymond Hunt designed the Yawl and was partial owner of the yard for decades before moving onto more power driven pursuits in the wake of his revolutionary powerboat design, the deep-V hull. Read More…


Here is an update on Sarah Skeels, Cindy Walker and their Good Karma Racing Team who is working hard to get to the 2016 Paralympic Games in their Skud 18. Sarah and her then new boat spent a few weeks in our TotalBoat Workshop last Spring and we are so proud to have Good Karma Racing as part of our TotalBoat Advocate network putting the products to the ultimate test on the race course and on the road to a full season of racing and qualifiers for the 2016 Games.

We spoke with Sarah who gave us the following update after the announcement that Sailing has been excluded from the 2020 Paralympic Games:  Read More…

East Passage Boatwrights opened its doors in September 2006 specializing in Wooden Boat construction and restoration. The company started with a partnership of three IYRS graduates and has now grown to more than ten employees. In a short amount of time they have restored a number of major projects and have earned a great reputation. Read More…


In the Fall of 2013, Quinn Connell was only a few credits short of an Engineering Degree from Dartmouth College.  With the help of the Thayer School of Engineering and his Fluid Dynamics professor, Quinn devised an Independent Study in Kayak Design using free courseware from an MIT Naval Architecture Graduate program.

Quinn was able to combine his experience as a kayaker with his studies in fluid dynamics and design his dream white water kayak. He then approached Jamestown Distributors and asked to sponsor his project in order to make his dream boat into a reality.

With the help of a 3-D CNC Router he built a Styrofoam plug. Then using carbon fiber, Kevlar, TotalBoat Epoxy and other supplies from Jamestown he spent the next month fabricating his kayak… Read more



Since 1980 the Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway has become a cultural landmark for traditional wooden boat builders in the Northeast. Nat Benjamin and Ross Gannon have designed and built more than 50 boats and sent them down this railway here on Martha’s Vineyard.

Shown here is the 46’ motorboat ‘Tracker’ built in 1946 by the Hodgdon Brothers in East Boothbay, Maine. She was the last boat designed and then owned by the great designer William Hand, Jr. The current owners Randy Jardin and John Murphy brought her into the Gannon and Benjamin shop in the spring of 2014. G&B replaced the transom and the aft deck. They also recalled a section of the bottom and replaced the propeller shaft. Once the woodwork was done they finished her up with a custom green color.


When we asked G&B for a little bit of the history of their Shop they graciously offered us the Afterward that Nat Benjamin wrote in 2010 for Tom Dunlop’s book Schooner: Building a Wooden Boat on Martha’s Vineyard”. 

“During the early 1970s, Martha’s Vineyard’s main port of entry consisted of a casual mixture of commercial and residential….. Read more



Burr Brothers Boat Yard has been caring for and maintaining boats since 1947. Located at the head of Sippican Harbor in Marion Massachusetts, they have developed a reputation as one of the best full service marinas in Buzzards Bay.

BurrBrothers3Burr Bros. has been a strong partner in our JD Bottom Paint Testing program.  They are providing assistance and logistical support for our testing barges.  These barges contain a myriad of panels each with a different type of antifouling and as time progresses we are analyzing the performance of each paint.  This ongoing research is helping us all better understand what bottom paints work in different locations. See more.




sanding-Katie2 copyHarry Bryan working on his 20′ Gaff Sloop Katie in Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick. Harry is a boatbuilder, designer, frequent contributor to Wooden Boat magazine as well as an instructor at the Wooden Boat School. Harry designed and built Katie for his family in 2008 using locally grown Cedar. Photos by Bryan Gagner


On the Water and Off the Grid

The Story of Harry Bryan Boatbuilding  –  By Jeff Ryan

In 1976, Harry Bryan set his sights on a piece of oceanfront property in New Brunswick that would be the perfect setting for him to fulfill a lifelong dream opening and operating his own boat building business.

As dreams go, this was no passing fancy. The path that led here began hundreds of miles and more than two decades away.

“I was never much for school the way it was when I was growing up, says Harry. Having to memorize things didnt suit me at all, as my teachers and parents could attest. I was more interested in taking things apart and putting them back together again.

Private school wasnt the solution either. It was just a higher priced exercise….Read more


DSC_0280 copyGrain Surfboards began in a basement workshop minutes from the waves in York Beach, Maine. Mike LaVecchia, a surfer at heart and a wooden boatbuilder by trade (shown standing in front), realized that he didn’t want a plastic surfboard. So he started building a wooden one.

Mike and the guys at Grain are using traditional boat-building techniques to create works of art for riding waves and at the same time they are reducing the impact on the environment. There is no foam, there is no plastic and there is hardly any waste (most of which gets burned in the woodstove). What started in a dark basement has grown into a full-fledged surfboard company that is getting a lot of attention for building some really sweet boards.

Grain also offers surfboard kits and workshops so that people can build their own and take the ownership of their board to another level. These are complete kits designed to be built by anyone with the room to do it. Go to GrainSurfboards.com for more info. Or check out our lineup of Grain Kits on JamestownDistributors.com.


DSC_0011 copyBaltic Boat Works was founded in Newport, RI and specializes in classic wooden yachts. They are currently performing a full restoration of a Herreshoff New York 30 that was originally launched under the name of NEOLA II.

There were 18 New York 30’s designed and built in 1905 by the famous Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. (all built within a 5-month span!). They quickly became a very significant and beloved one-design racing class.  NEOLA II carried sail #12 and she has changed her name several times but for most of her life she went by ROWDY. Most of her original planking and keel was saved but Baltic has cleaned her up a bit with new frames, deck, cabin top, interior and a new gaff rig to meet the Herreshoff design changes made in 1917. ROWDY is planned to launch in 2014.

Jens Lange is the owner and manager at Baltic Boat Works. He is shown here working on ROWDY in the Bristol workshop.

After 109 years, twelve of the eighteen New York 30’s are still alive and most are being raced competitively. That is a pretty impressive track record. Working on a boat that is over a hundred years old so that it might last another hundred years goes against some of the modern trends we see around us. But the guys at Baltic like it that way. And so do we.


Dory and Isak admiring fresh resin

“My son and I built a river dory and took her through the Grand Canyon – 253 miles. We built our boat based on the plans for a Martin Litton Grand Canyon Dory. We used marine grade Sapele plywood, oak frames, and surplus teak for trim and transom. We also coated the hull with West System epoxy and fiberglass from JD.

It was a steep learning curve as we hit the big water and huge rapids of the Grand canyon. We flipped the boat three times in spectacular form. But, we made it to Lava Falls the last big rapid and the largest rapid on the Colorado, a class 9 on the Western scale of 1-10. All in all, it was a spectacular trip undertaken with good friends through one of the most beautiful places on Earth, made especially meaningful for me to have planned the trip and built the boat with my son.” -Jon Pertee

DSCN0247 - Dory in Action_8X10


GC 2012 Isak Rowing rapid




“The project began with a desire to purchase a sailboat that my wife and I could cruise on comfortably for a week or two at a time in the Pacific Northwest. As with any good boat project, however, there were several catches. First, we had a very limited budget, which meant the boat was likely going to need some work. Second, we live in Salt Lake City and spend our summers in the northwest. A quick survey of the used boat market made it clear that the east coast had a much larger selection of older, affordable, yet still highly functional sailboats of fine pedigree. After a lot of online research, we settled on a 1975 Tartan T30C named Meander hailing from Bristol, Rhode Island.

Enter project time. This past summer I drove east with a pickup full of tools and supplies, and towing a trailer custom built for Meander. For two weeks in late June, I worked on Meander on the hard while Bristol’s famous pre-fourth of July party reverberated in the background. During this time, I … Read more





Ulusub Spearfishing Co. is dedicated to the development of quality manufactured and thoroughly tested equipment for the underwater hunter. These beautiful, custom handcrafted Spearguns are made from Indonesian Teak and marine-grade stainless steel components all assembled in their small workshop.  Ulusub relies on JD to provide supplies next day.


“Ulusub Spearguns are made with heaps of Jamestown Distributors products. It’s a huge benefit to our business to know that if we order something from Jamestown, it will be in our workshop in two days.”  -Jon Huberman, Owner


TBS_GD_McMillen2 MacM1

McMillen Yachts has been restoring classic yachts since the early 1990’s. In 1995, McMillen pioneered the concept of fractional yacht ownership in an effort to allow other people, with a similar interest and less available time, to participate and share in the passion.

Today, with offices in Newport, Rhode Island and Beaufort, South Carolina, McMillenYachts is able to offer year round use of the yachts in the “fractionally owned” fleet anywhere along the coast of the eastern United States.


During the summer months, the fleet bases out of Newport and cruises between New York and Maine. In the Spring and Fall, the boats cruise the Georgia/South Carolina coasts; and in the winter months they are based in south Florida and cruise both coasts, including the Florida Keys and Bahamas.



Sarah Skeels and her Good Karma Racing Team spent a few weeks in our TotalBoat Workshop this Spring. They took delivery of their new Skud 18 in late June and used the Shop to put the boat together in preparation for the 2014 Disabled Sailing World Championships.

A Skud 18 is a two-person racing dinghy that is designed to be sailed by people with disabilities. This is a modern, high performance boat that would be a challenge for any sailor and has become the International standard for Disabled Sailing. It is the official two-person boat for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

Sarah Skeels has been on the US Sailing Team since 2009 and placed first at the 2013 US Disabled Sailing Championships. With a brand new boat and a TotalBoat sticker on her van she plans to take her National title to the World level in Hallifax later this Summer.

Jamestown is proud to support Sarah and the Good Karma Racing Team on their bid to the 2016 Paralympic Games.

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