Andrew Cole


“The project began with a desire to purchase a sailboat that my wife and I could cruise on comfortably for a week or two at a time in the Pacific Northwest. As with any good boat project, however, there were several catches. First, we had a very limited budget, which meant the boat was likely going to need some work. Second, we live in Salt Lake City and spend our summers in the northwest. A quick survey of the used boat market made it clear that the east coast had a much larger selection of older, affordable, yet still highly functional sailboats of fine pedigree. After a lot of online research, we settled on a 1975 Tartan T30C named Meander hailing from Bristol, Rhode Island.

Enter project time. This past summer I drove east with a pickup full of tools and supplies, and towing a trailer custom built for Meander. For two weeks in late June, I worked on Meander on the hard while Bristol’s famous pre-fourth of July party reverberated in the background. During this time, I overhauled the electrical system, updated the galley and fresh water plumbing, and freshened up the exterior brightwork. I also wore a clear path between the boat and Jamestown Distributor’s storefront, coming to rely on and appreciate your staff’s remarkable knowledge and enthusiasm. After completing enough work to make Meander safe and comfortable, I embarked on a six week sail from Bristol to Mount Desert Island. This extended “shakedown” cruise allowed me to become increasingly familiar with the boat, fall in love with her remarkable sail handling, and plan for the next phase of the project.


Toward the end of August, I loaded Meander onto her custom built trailer and, in a 2700 mile marathon, hauled her back to Utah. She is now within walking distance of my shop, residing in a field behind our house on the edge of the Wasatch Mountains in the Salt Lake Valley. The initial goal for this fall, winter and spring was to recore portions of the deck, spruce up the interior and repaint the deck, topsides and bottom before taking her to a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

As with many boats, however, the scope of my work has become akin to skinning an onion, each layer I remove revealing a host of new ideas and projects. As with any adventure, I am not entirely sure what the next step of this project will reveal or inspire. And that is what makes it so exciting.” – Andrew Cole

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  1. Andrew, I didn’t expect to see you or Salt Lake on the inside cover of the JamesTown catalog. Nice project.
    -Scott Baxter

  2. Andrew,

    Your story on the Jamestown we site triggered a flood of great memories. My brother and I owned a 1978 Tartan 30 named Restless for eleven years back when we were in our early 20’s.

    We sailed her into nearly every creek on the Cheaapeake Bay. Every extra penny and hour we had went into her. She is an exceptional boat which we still come across out on the water occasionally. It warms my heart to see another T30 receiving such good care.

    You made a solid choice. If we can help with any questions you have about these boats, feel free to reach out. The URL below is a link to ‘For Sale’ web site we used to sell Restless many years ago. We’ve kept it up so we can visit it when we’re feeling nostalgic.

    I wish you all the best and many years of sailing ahead.

    Jay Marquez

  3. I want to wish you fair winds captain. I have a 1978 T-30 here in Narragansett Bay. I hope to read more about Meander’s journeys.
    P. Stockman, , Morning Star, Conimicut Point

  4. I started refurbishing a Lancer 28 over a year ago and like you said it was like peeling an onion. I’m re-engineering the deck to hull seal for rougher seas than she was designed for. Im also doubling the size of the mast step and all the underlying components and adding a removable stay for a storm jib (she has a genoa with a roller furling only right now. Adding a new 4 stroke 9.9 and I doubled the strength of the transom and lazarette floor with minimal weight gain. I gutter all the interior upholstery except for the cushions which have been completely redone, and the whole interior will be faired and covered in 4 oz. boat cloth and gel coat, the list goes on and on but my goal is the Florida keys by December with a sea worthy boat.

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