Baltic Boat Works

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DSC_0011 copyBaltic Boat Works was founded in Newport, RI and specializes in classic wooden yachts. They are currently performing a full restoration of a Herreshoff New York 30 that was originally launched under the name of NEOLA II.

There were 18 New York 30’s designed and built in 1905 by the famous Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. (all built within a 5-month span!). They quickly became a very significant and beloved one-design racing class.  NEOLA II carried sail #12 and she has changed her name several times but for most of her life she went by ROWDY. Most of her original planking and keel was saved but Baltic has cleaned her up a bit with new frames, deck, cabin top, interior and a new gaff rig to meet the Herreshoff design changes made in 1917. ROWDY is planned to launch in 2014.

Jens Lange is the owner and manager at Baltic Boat Works. He is shown here working on ROWDY in the Bristol workshop.

After 109 years, twelve of the eighteen New York 30’s are still alive and most are being raced competitively. That is a pretty impressive track record. Working on a boat that is over a hundred years old so that it might last another hundred years goes against some of the modern trends we see around us. But the guys at Baltic like it that way. And so do we.

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