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If you can pronounce the name Padanaram, you’re either from the area or you know all about Concordia Yawls. This isn’t to say there are not other reasons to know about this famously fabulous yacht yard near Buzzards Bay, MA. Since 1926 beautiful yachts of many shapes and sizes have emerged from this yard, from Beetle Cats to frostbiters to the most famous of all, the coveted Concordia Yawl. Penned by the father of the deep-V hull, C. Raymond Hunt designed the Yawl and was partial owner of the yard for decades before moving onto more power driven pursuits in the wake of his revolutionary powerboat design, the deep-V hull.

The company changed hands many times, and is most currently held by Stuart MacGregor whose father Brodie owned the yard from 1981 – 2012 when he sold it to Stuart.  A former employee of the company, Stuart knew the company well as he had served as General Manager for years before deciding to buy his dad out and carry on the Concordia legacy. But his dad didn’t get too far and he remains a fixture at the yard as part of the brokerage team. Often this requires time spent aboard customers boats, and he delights in keeping watch over the company Yawl, (#57 Javelin) and a 1979 Surf Hunter 25.

It’s a big responsibility to carry the torch of the much adored and revered Concordia Yawl. From 1938-1966, one hundred and three Concordia Yawls were built – all on the same lines drawn by CR Hunt.  Most of the yawls were built in a co-op agreement between Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany who would do most of the build and then send them across the Atlantic to Concordia for finishing.

The Concordia Yawls came to represent the amazing handiwork and attention to detail coming from the sheds in Padanaram. A&R moved on to build super yachts and commercial vessels and Concordia Yachts dug into the legacy they had created, offering top quality yacht and yard work, much of which revolves around upkeep and restoration of many of their Yawls.

We featured Snowy Owl, Concordia Yawl #91, in the Jamestown Distributors Summer 2015 Catalog as she was in the midst of some plank replacement when we visited and it was amazing to see her so beautifully refit and repaired. If a wooden boat didn’t give away her facelifts and replanking until the wood had fully swollen tight to neighboring planks, you would never know Snowy Owl had been touched. The planks that were replaced were perfectly assimilated into the hull and she is ready for another season on Buzzards Bay and off her home port of Wianno, MA.

When asked, Stuart MacGregor proudly explains that to him, his family, and his dedicated staff in Padanaram, Concordia represents the most enduring class of yachts as well as quality and simplicity of boats from previous generations.  He has embraced the traditional, tried & true methods that have made the Concordia Yawl the prettiest boat on the harbor and on the hard.

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  2. What? No mention at all of Waldo Howland’s key role in the original development of the Concordia yawl?

    • Certainly this is not a full history of the Concordia Yard or Yawl. It was meant to be a glimpse into the current ownership and how they came into the business of managing one of the greatest sailboats of all time. Good point, though – perhaps a more inclusive historical story is overdue. and certainly a nod to Waldo Howland and his amazing contributions to this great yacht.

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