Quinn Connell


White Water Kayak Project

In the Fall of 2013, Quinn Connell was only a few credits short of an Engineering Degree from Dartmouth College.  With the help of the Thayer School of Engineering and his Fluid Dynamics professor, Quinn devised an Independent Study in Kayak Design using free courseware from an MIT Naval Architecture Graduate program.

Quinn was able to combine his experience as a kayaker with his studies in fluid dynamics and design his dream white water kayak. He then approached Jamestown Distributors and asked to sponsor his project in order to make his dream boat into a reality.

With the help of a 3-D CNC Router he built a Styrofoam plug. Then using carbon fiber, Kevlar, TotalBoat Epoxy and other supplies from Jamestown he spent the next month fabricating his kayak.

This 5-part story recounts Quinn’s white water kayak project from the design phase to his crowning Grand Canyon trip. Follow the links below to get the whole story:

Part 1: Design

Part 2: The Plug

Part 3: Build Phase

Part 4: Finishing Touches

Part 5: Riding down the Grand Canyon

And check out this cool video Quinn sent:

McLaughlin Whitewater’s Ben Nielsen and Quinn Connell stopped for a quick surf session on their way up to Boise

Thanks Quinn for documenting your project so well and for being a TotalBoat convert!

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