Closing in on La France, Quickly!

HugoBoss Record

With the Vendee Globe solo ocean racers closing in on day 70, both the predictable and the unpredictable has happened. Quite predictably, 11 skippers and yachts have retired from racing with only 18 left to race to the finish line off Les Sables D’Olonne, France. And quite unpredictably, Alex Thomson, who is not far off the pace, pushing hard behind the leader, Armel Le Cleac’h on “Banque Populaire VII,” has set a new 24-hour for distance and speed covered in 24 hours on a monohull with a blistering average speed of 22 knots!  Continue reading

Adventures with Icebergs and GoPros (and a cool sailboat…)

So maybe you never want to climb an iceberg….or explore the far reaches of our globe. the high latitudes are rumored to be stunning – even more so in real life than in this cool video with ultra beautiful 4k GoPro footage. And should you be one of these crazies who does want to scale icebergs  – you better have a great support boat nearby.

We love boats around here – not icebergs, truthfully. And while not every TotalBoater will explore these remote areas, we can all dream and better yet get a lift there via dazzling YouTube videos documenting it all.  Adventure is out there – and even if you’re a landlubber or if you’re stuck in a dusty wood shop or boat shed – we hope you find time to seek and enjoy plenty of adventure. And mostly we hope your adventures involve boats…forget the icebergs….

But even if you don’t care a lick about ice climbing (count me in that category), the footage is stunning from these well camera-ed up climbers. Complete with a drone and about 4 cameras (by my count) on each climber, this remote area is very inviting for an adventure. And if you agree, then by boat is pretty much the only way to go…that is if you want the ultimate adventure which, we know, is always based on a boat!

Coffee in Antarctica

Because Antarctica appears to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth, and because the ice caps are not so slowly melting away… and mostly because on TotalBoat Show we love boats and the ocean – and hey – the best, if not only way to get to Antarctica is by boat – we bring you this stunning video from high above the icebergs.  Videographer Ljung uses his drone and his masthead height to crank out some breathtaking footage of this stunning area of the earth.

Complete with whales breaching and ice falling gently off the tips of bergs, this is more fodder for those of us who have “Sail to Antarctica” on their bucket list. And by “sail” I mean get there aboard any vessel crazy enough to traverse the Southern Ocean. Not even sure I would want to “sail” there with sails…. something about pretty consistent 40+ knots and some cloth triangles pushing you there keeps me on a larger, more rugged vessel with even larger motors. A few of them…

So grab your Sunday morning coffee and take a spin around this wondrous part of our planet. It’s pretty darned stunning. And if it looks too cold or salty or even too icy – then step back and leave my first class cabin aboard some fancy yacht for me. I’m going as soon as my life allows. Have you been? Is it on your bucket list? And if not – did this video change your mind?