The Science of Bottom Paint: Get Involved!


Jamestown Distributors has been selling bottom paint for nearly 40 years and as a top seller of most major brands, we are excited to be teaming up with the Roger Williams University bio-science and marine science department to study a wide range of bottom paints and evaluate their performance. Jamestown has been collecting bottom paint data for years from our customers to learn which paints work in what harbors and on what boats. Your input to this data collection is so important and we hope you will take the time to enter the info about your own bottom paint choice for this season by participating in our Bottom Paint Survey.

Your data will augment the work being done by the RWU students who are conducting this very thorough testing of 22 brands of antifouling bottom paints over the summer and into the fall.  This video shows how they planned and constructed the 10 barges which they placed in 5 locations around SE New England. Before the science even started, they were into a major project centered around the scientific process and how to design and construct sturdy barges and a research process that would get the job done and produce reliable results.

TotalBoat bottom paints are, of course, a part of the RWU independent study and while some manufacturers might not want to hear about how their paint stacks up, we are anxious to hear about which paints work and which don’t – not only in the TB brand, but across the board. Because what better way is there to improve upon and nail the winning formula for antifouling, than understanding what works, what doesn’t work, and where.

So hop over to our Bottom Paint Survey and check out the simple questions. It won’t take long to compete it and you will feel like an expert marine biologist knowing that you are helping the science of improving bottom paint formulas. And next year your own bottom will be that much cleaner. (yeah – no one likes a dirty bottom….. we get it.)

Here’s a sneak peek at a panel we looked at today…. new video coming soon about midseason progress on the bottom paint barges…. stay tuned!