Video of the Week: Boat Painting 101 – Topside Preparation

Inside the TotalBoat Workshop

Proper preparation is key to a good topside paint job, and there are many steps to preparing a boat for this big undertaking.  It’s not a hard job once you have the pieces you need for the job and a good understanding of the process. But there are some very vital parts of the process that we show you in this video, which can make your paint job a big success or an epic fail.

Watch Brendan from Waterman Marine prepare the hull of this BlackWatch 26 for a total makeover. It starts with some TotalBoat Surface Prep and DeWaxer and goes from there….


Video Series – Building a Carbon Fiber Hard Top Bimini

Biminis are often victim to the very elements they protect you from. Sun, salt and excessive wind can batter even the most stable of biminis and if you have yet to replace one, finding one that fits your existing frame might not be as easy as you hope.  This 3-part video series shows how a boat owner conquered this dilemma, by constructing a hard top bimini to the frame already on a Black Watch 26.

This new bimini has many advantages over the typical canvas types we are used to seeing on the water. Using carbon fiber to construct the new panels, this new solid top adds serious protection from the elements, reduces glare for the driver with it’s black underside and adds a bunch of storage on top for boards of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the construction of this ingenious bimini in our 3-part video series that takes you through the whole process.  If you’re searching for a fun improvement to your current bimini situation, this is a scalable project that is not too difficult for most handy DIY boaters. Enjoy!

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#ShopNight boats get lovin on Tuesdays when friends meet #boats, #beers and #ideas. #opti #stonehorse #BlackWatch #ODay #projects #noboatowrkoutsideyet #projectlists #shopnightrules #JamestownDistributors

#ShopNight boats get lovin on Tuesdays when friends meet #boats, #beers and #ideas. #opti #stonehorse #BlackWatch #ODay #projects #noboatworkoutsideyet #projectlists #shopnightrules #JamestownDistributors