The Boat

Bust out the kleenex, this simple video claims to be about boat building. But I beg to differ. It’s about a boy and his desire to build. His desire to work with his grandfather on a project that he spent at least 10 years hearing stories about. Grandpa builds boats. Now his grandson wants to put down the iPod and video games and use his hands and his grandfather’s expertise. Even if grandpa isn’t a shipwright or an expert – he knows it all for this project and the relationship seems so mutually beneficial to both grandson and grandfather.

It’s so nice to think that kids today can take great interest in things that are not based on a screen or an emoji. Enjoy this video. I’ll be home convincing my son to start asking his grandfather to build something together. A boat perhaps, a fishing rod – maybe. Just to let the two sit and ponder and dream sounds good enough to me!

TotalBoat Shop Night: Every Tuesday, Whether You Need it or Not!

We already told you all about the awesomeness of every Tuesday night that is Shop Night in this fun post from a few weeks ago… and the party hasn’t slowed down back there. In fact, it’s heating up. Boats are nearing completion and readying for the big dunking and the messy, frenzied state of the shop indicates heads are down, tools are in use and project lists are shortening.

This little video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of a few of the projects going on – and we will continue to enlighten you with our Shop Night product testing and boat project madness as we go. We even have big plans to take you on the water as the boats launch and see what they get into over the summer.

Judging by the projects that have been brewing all winter, these vessels will be brightly varnished and painted, buffed to the max and ready for any and all action that comes their way on the water. And you’re coming along for the ride…hold on tight!

Steve is using WetEdge Topsides Paint on his Sunfish.
Brendan is using TotalTread non-skid paint on the “Dingleberry” tender
Rob is installing a Pop-Up Cleat on his Seacraft 20 “Flotsam”
Oliver and Oscar – they are using up scraps and delighting in touching every single tool in the shop…and making guns….


Spring Commissioning with TotalBoat – Part 1: BOAT REPAIR


The winter was unkind to many of our boats and plans for a tidy and possibly even early? spring commissioning. Around here, snow banks are finally almost a distant memory and any day over 40 degrees feels like a heat wave. So gentlemen and women – start your sanders… time to get down to business and tick off the projects on your spring commissioning  list.

TotalBoat Show is ready to help with the full support of our award winning customer support team and help line. Daily we get accolades from pleased customers raving about how knowledgable and helpful our call center and tech help hotline are. And we work hard to learn about and try every product we can to give you – the customer – the best advice out there for jobs that aren’t always knocked off as easily as the instruction manual might lead you to believe.

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Webcam Roundup…Cool Spots to Spy On

Screenshot 2015-03-23 09.41.03  Screenshot 2015-03-23 09.39.57
Heritage Boat Works Cam                           North Light, Block Island webcam

Here is a list of some great webcams to bookmark. Whether it’s shooting boatbuilding inside a cool shop or catching harbor traffic or even the view from inside a lighthouse – it’s fun to travel the world from your desk. Here is a sweet little list of the coolest webcams we could find.  ENJOY!

Newport Harbor, RI – Fort Adams

Narragansett Bay, Hyatt Cam, RI
(Great view for Volvo Ocean Race start & VOR Race Village)

Block Island, North Light

Artisan Boatworks, Rockport, Maine

Chesapeake Light Craft – Shop Cam

Boston TeaParty Museum

Vineyard Haven Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard

New York, Brooklyn Bridge Park

View from the Bridge of the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2

Fiji, Castaway Beach

Pusser’s Webcams – Tortola, BVI

Positano Harbour, Italy

The Grande Canal – Venice, Italy

Port of Gustavia, St. Barth’s  – French West Indies

Seldovia, Alaska – Homer webcam at the Spit

Catalina Island, California

Port of Miami, Florida

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

RRS Ernest Shackleton Research Ship Webcam

Bird Island Research Station Cam – Antarctica 

Crissy Field – San Francisco Bay

HAVE FUN Exploring!