Hard Water Riding

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Typical for New England, the super cold Arctic blast chilled down the harbors, ponds and bones of all of us who enjoy the water -even in the winter – turning them to rock solid ice – and then it was gone. But while it lasted – some 2+ weeks, there were plenty of us who grabbed our skates, kites and iceboats and RAN to these frozen places. Most know it doesn’t last, and in many winters it doesn’t even arrive once. So when you get a few weeks to play with your ice toys – you better make the most of it.  Continue reading

They Came, They Saw, They Foiled….Vineyard Cup 2015

An Event Like No Other

From Press Release: (Sail Martha’s Vineyard)

Martha’s Vineyard is in full swing this time of year and it’s not just the Island that
has been hot. On July 10-12 the waters off Martha’s Vineyard played host to one of the most unique Regatta’s to ever take place.  88 boats ranging in size from 12 feet to 81 feet shared the water with 30 Foiling Kiteboards competing for $10,000 in the cash purse compliments of Lynch and Associates.

Sustainability for the Future

For 2015 the Vineyard Cup is building on its sustainable roots. For the past three years Sail Martha’s Vineyard has been moving up the ranks in the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta initiative but this year decided to go a step further by committing to serve all Local food, which was either grown, raised or landed on Martha’s Vineyard.

This included greens and tomatoes from Island Grown Initiative, Chickens from Morning Glory Farm, Oysters from Honeysuckle Oysters and Pigs from The Good Farm among other Island purveyors.

In addition the event attempted to be a Zero Waste event, meaning that all food would be composted, all containers recycled and anything that can be reused will be reused. In the end we had 1 yard of trash, 90% of which was from the packaging of materials provided to us by outside companies.

Maritime Heritage with a Progressive Thought Process

While Sail Martha’s Vineyard started with simple boat building and learn to sail programs back in 1992 it has grown immensely with classes ranging from Coastal Navigation to High School Vocational to Rowing to Captains License Testing. At the heart the organization still offers Island Children the opportunity to learn the skills of sailing for free. This in itself is a huge undertaking with 400 children taking to the water this summer alone.


Sail in the Vineyard Cup

Once you’ve recovered from this past weekend’s madness – get ready for more on Martha’s Vineyard where the Vineyard Cup is about to go off.  This regatta has it all – from classic yachts to PHRF boat and then add in a dash of foiling Kiteboards! SICK! And the best part of it all is that it’s all to benefit Sail Martha’s Vineyard, an island based non profit whose mission is to get the islanders out sailing. Because NO, not every Martha’s Vineyarder is a trustafarian or hedge funder with a yacht on hand. Many scrape together summer tips to join the sailing programs and so helping the locals is the same out on the fancy island as it is in any other town. MV depends on donations and support from the masses to fund sailboats and sailors.

KiteFoiling/ Sailor Vineyarder and TotalBoat Ambassador, Brock Callen who is helping to rally the foiling side of the event says: “We are trying to create an event that is unlike anything out there. Classic Sailboats alongside Foiling Kiteboards, Fully sustainable with all local food and it is all to benefit a great organization.” Callen, who is an 11th Hour Racing Ambassador for clean water, was also proud to point out that the regatta has been granted Sailors for the Sea Gold Level Sustainability Status. No single use water bottles will be allowed! Water Filling Stations will be set up at both Kite venue and Sailing Venue. There will be all glass at the event tent. No plastic cups. Forks and knives are birch and the plates are compostable.  And all the food is local. Pretty cool.

And then there’s the cash….

Here is a great write up from Sailing Anarchy that sums up this part of the event really nicely:
… the Vineyard Cup was created 10 years ago and it has existed as a family fun regatta with a great party but for 2015 SailMV wanted to make some changes to the Vineyard Cup and wanted to provide the Island with an event that was not only beneficial to one of the most influential non profits but also to provide something that was exciting to watch. Enter Lynch & Associates and their commitment to donate $10,000 in cold hard cash as the prize money for the first Foiling Kiteboard Vineyard Cup.

Bill Lynch and Lynch & Associates have been the force behind the North American Speed Sailing Championships as well as Rob Douglas and his 2008 assault on the Outright World Speed Sailing Record in Namibia. With the prize money in hand Sail Martha’s Vineyard has opened up registration to 30 Foiling Kiteboards to race July 10-12 right off State Beach which in the summer boasts 7,000+ Sun burnt spectators lounging on the beach. So if you think you can nail a foiling jibe at 30 knots or if you want to support a great organization check out the Website here.

The NOR is hereRegister here for both Foiling Kiteboards and PHRF/Classics.

Are you ready? The Vineyarders are! Join in!

Take a Spin on Bronco M32

Nothing like flipping on the “summer” switch around these parts of New England that just a few months ago were buried in snow. Just like that the regattas have started and the boats are lined up ready to race.

The M32 class got a head start around here (calling early May a head start) with their appearance at the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover in Newport. The M32 was set up on shore and there were opportunities to go for a ride on one with experienced crew.

And speaking of experienced crew, our TotalBoat Ambassador, Brock Callen, who enjoys going as fast as possible on the water (or just above it – when foiling or kiting)  rides aboard this bucking catamaran, Bronco, and like the mad man he is: he wears a GoPro and grabs some great footage while out on the course conquering Leukemia. What a guy! He shared this video with us because he was in the shop recently grabbing some TotalBoat paint for his various rides (all of them!) and he has has hands on so many cool water toys that when the other hand has a GoPro in it – we wanna see!

Thanks for sharing, Brock!


Kite Kid Fin FUN!

TotalBoat buddy and super sailor/ kiter/ father extraordinaire, Brock Callen knows the ocean. He is an Ambassador for 11th Hour Racing whose mission is “to positively influence the sailing industry and promote marine stewardship by connecting with inspiring leaders in sailing. Ambassadors are top-athletes, forward-thinking stewards of the environment, and passionate about the health of our oceans. They serve as on the ground resources that listen, learn, share knowledge, and offer their expertise to inspire the next generation of sailors.”

Brock lives on Martha’s Vineyard where he spends much of his time with his family and on the water.He has his own blog which focuses on his ocean antics like traveling to sail or kite in warmer climes in the cold winters and finding fast and furious boats or boards to use for setting records (he kited from MV to Block Island last fall – and from Antigua to St. Maarten this winter) or just for going as fast as possible. The kite missions were to benefit Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, another one of Brock’s marine partners in the fight to clean up our oceans.

We caught up with Brock when he was sniffing around for some more TotalBoat Thixo. Brock is a huge fan of Thixo and travels with some in his travel kit for use wherever he goes, as it has so many useful applications on or near the water. I asked Brock what and where in the world he was up to. Here’s his reply:

BC: I am in Qingdao China for the Extreme Sailing Series.  (http://www.extremesailingseries.com) Then next week I travel right from China to St. Thomas to put the TP52 on a ship to come back north to Newport. Hopefully I will make it back to Newport in time for the Volvo Ocean Race and to participate with 11th Hour Racing in the Interactive Education Zone. (http://11thhourracing.org/all-projects/volvo-ocean-race-newport-stopover-educational-program) Of course between all of this I will need to spend some time at home and also rigging the Swan 601 for the season and of course testing some Hydrofoils with Delta Hydrofoils. So there you have it – that’s my life this time of year. It requires plenty of espresso but I am really thankful for the life I get to live. It’s a huge amount of fun.

Sounds pretty fun to us! Thanks to Brock for his time and when we lure him into the TotalBoat Shop we will post pics of his cool projects that we hope he brings along. Or at least check out some foiling kites… and maybe go for a tandem ride with him!

Point to Point Kitesurfing for a Clean Ocean!


On Friday, September 19, as part of a trip that was half ocean sprint and half environmental mission, adventurers Jeff Brock and Brock Callen kiteboarded 67 miles from Martha’s Vineyard to Block Island and back. The trip was the first in a series of kiteboarding missions and environmental presentations, launched with Rachael Miller of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, designed to inspire children to protect our fragile ocean waters. 

In this inaugural effort, the sailors, known as Brock2, stopped on two separate beaches to collect plastic debris. Over the next few weeks, the sailors and Miller will visit Martha’s Vineyard schools to recount the trip, educate kids on the importance of a healthy ocean, and organize a local beach cleanup.  

“The Rozalia project is so important in terms of educating kids and leading efforts to clean up our oceans,” says Callen. “They’re out working surface to seafloor, taking trash out of the ocean in our backyard, but they’re also doing an amazing job showing kids how they can be a part of the effort. It’s not just awareness. It’s passion, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

The two sailors and their support team departed from Menemsha Beach on the west end of Martha’s Vineyard. Brock2 set off in 24 knots of wind and a five foot wind swell. Both riders were equipped with three boards for the mission, including a foil board supplied by Delta Hydrofoils, course boards and surfboards. They began on course boards but with the strong easterly current fighting the wind off Devils Bridge both riders opted for surfboards. They quickly raced across to Cuttyhunk, stopped for a cleanup, then headed west past the Buzzards Bay Tower. By the time they reached Point Judith the wind had lightened but the seas were still up, so they turned to Block Island.

TJ_kite board gay head sep142014 3RUpon arrival at Block Island, Brock2 wrapped up their kites and completed the second beach cleanup of the day. “In a matter of ten minutes on the beach we picked up fifty pieces of plastic trash, enough to fill a locker on our support boat,” says Jeff. “The single-use plastic water bottle was the most common item. We found so many of those, along with balloons, bottle caps, and more.”

After the cleanup, the sailors jumped back in the Support Boat and returned to Martha’s Vineyard. In the end, the duo covered 67 miles over a period of 5 hours on kiteboards.

The kite-transit and cleanup is not the only element to this project. Brock2 along with Miller, Founder/ED of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, will deliver interactive, educational and inspiring programs to 350+ students in schools throughout Martha’s Vineyard and the Northeast. The presentations will incorporate geography, meteorology, marine science, marine ecology, conservation and more.

“This was a really successful pilot mission,” says Jeff. “But we plan to spread this message even further by organizing more missions, cleanups, and educational visits along both coasts. We hope that sharing our passion for the ocean, in partnership with Rozalia, will make a real difference.”

For more information about Brock2 or Rozalia Project or to become a partner, please contact Rachael Miller . To support Rozalia Project, click here. High resolution photos and video of the kite mission, cleanups and presentations available.

About Rozalia ProjectRozalia Project is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to protect the ocean with three goals: a protected ocean, a thriving ocean and a clean ocean. During the summer, they operate from the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise, throughout the Gulf of Maine and operate from dockside locations throughout North America for the remainder of the year. Rozalia Project believes we can clean the ocean and is addressing the problems facing our seas with a focus on urban and coastal waters, surface to seafloor and from multiple angles of restoration, prevention through education and solution-based research. For more information see: www.rozaliaproject.org

About Jeff Brock: Jeff is a professional sailor with over 200,000 ocean miles and a vast range of regatta wins in offshore, inshore, one-design, match racing and super yacht events. There isn’t much Jeff has not done in the sailing world including a Volvo Ocean Race in which he placed third onboard Amer Sports One. Exploring and Adventure are in his blood that started at a very young age with his father throughout Nova Scotia and the North Atlantic. His current passion is offshore kiteboarding passages where he has completed several unassisted solo passages. Jeff is the founder of Northbound Kite Mission and an avid environmentalist.

About Brock Callen: Brock is a professional sailor, ocean guide, Team Rider for BEST Kiteboarding, as well as a US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain. Brock’s resume includes wins in many Ocean Races including the 2007 Transpac Race to Hawaii and the 2002 Newport Bermuda Race. Brock has also been active in Speed Sailing for the last 3 years highlighted with fourth place in the 2012 North American Speed Sailing Championships (kitesurfing). Brock currently sails with Team Moneypenny in the TP52 Super Series as well as a number of other prominent events throughout the US, Europe and the Caribbean. When not traveling, Brock can usually be found outside or, most likely, on the ocean teaching his kids about enjoying and respecting the environment. www.brockcallen.com   

Midnight Marine

A quick look into the boards used for the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships.

TotalBoat Team: Brock Callen

TotalBoat Team Rider Brock Callen is competing in the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships in Martha’s Vineyard.  He is currently placed 9th after two days of racing.

Jamestown is proud to sponsor Brock and his team as they build and test high-speed kiteboards and put them to the test.

You can follow his story here.




TotalBoat Team: Brock Callen

BC 2 (26)
When it comes to testing TotalBoat Epoxy we at Jamestown Distributors take no shortcuts, enter Brock Callen. A professional sailor by trade and a speed sailor by addiction. Brock has a long list of accomplishments in the sailing world but it wasn’t until recently that he began applying his skills and knowledge to building Kiteboarding Speedboards and Foils. With the help of Tom King, Patrick Gavin Brynes and the Team at Dancing Turtle, Brock has completed two new Asymmetric SpeedBoards, two Symmetric Boards and two new sets of Hydrofoiling Wings with more to come.
Currently Brock is training for the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships and it is with great pleasure that Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat Epoxy announce our partnership with Brock as his materials sponsor. For more information on Brock check out his website: www.brockcallen.com