What’s Your Story? – Jeff Nagle


Jeff Nagle and his father, Doug, of Erie, Pennsylvania purchased Altair in September of 2012, and have been working on her ever since. Last winter, this 29′ Rhodes received extensive overhaul on the decks and cabin top, but after splashing in that summer, the Nagles encountered some framing issues. The following winter, the two made the decision to bring her back inside and tear her down once again. They plan to replace a total of 24 of the frame bottoms. Based on Jeff’s current photos, however, we think she looks fantastic already! We can’t wait to see her next summer!

Customer Spotlight – Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes

Captain Rob Holmes sent us a photo of his work done on the cockpit in his recently purchased 1968 motorboat. As you can see above, his construction looks great! What we also found quite interesting was his process during the restoration: Rob tells us he preplanned and built the whole project in a three-dimensional computer program! He wanted to be able to play “what-if”, and test his ideas before he cut the wood. He’s actually a 3D animator, so this planning was right up his alley. What’s funny, he says, is that the project turned out “exactly” like the 3D designs, which is quite rare. He told us:

“When I bought my 1968 boat a few years ago it had a terrible mess inside the cockpit bulkhead. Some rough fiberglass work had been done to cover up holes left when instruments were taken out. I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to create some much needed organizational space, as well as a navigation station; which I did not have. I designed a cabinet to cover the space; made so the whole unit could fold down and provide a spot for my laptop. I also devised a system for raising and lowering the unit to make it into a laptop shelf and for making it adjustable.”

He’s told us this is only part of his refitting for this boat, but from what we can see, it looks fabulous!

Customer Spotlight – Bill Benson

William Benson-DECK William Benson-CABIN

New York artist Bill Benson blew us away with his beautiful work. We looked him up on his website, wmbenson.com, and his artwork is just as fabulous as the work he’s done on this sailboat. Bill tells us that this 36′ wooden sloop arrived in his yard in November of 2007, and that all of this work on this sailboat was done by turning his back deck into a portable workshop! For the past six summers, he’s moved all his power tools out there to work on large pieces of the boat, whose major changes included entirely replacing not only the cabin walls, but the interior and cockpit areas as well.  After so much time spent on her, Bill says he knows this sailboat inside and out, and he should hopefully have her in the water by this summer.

Customer Spotlight – Steven Zawalick

Steven Zawalick

The Elizabeth Marie recently got a whole new cabin roof thanks to owner Steven Zawalick. Steven used kerfed marine plywood, a clamping caul, brace, and shims to epoxy the new roof into place; using over a quart of West System epoxy with silica for the one press-up shown above. Elizabeth Marie’s interior underwent some serious change during her makeover, but she looks fantastic!

UNTIE THE LINES #5 – Building a Nest


“One of my first refit projects on KARL was to get my front cabin nice and cozy so I have a place where I can feel at home whilst the rest of the boat is still a big construction site…See the change and find out why it is not so easy to do refits on boats in Shelter Bay.”

Part 5 of “Untie the Lines”, a weekly sailing documentary

Customer Spotlight – Brooke Seckel

Brooke Seckel-01Brooke Seckel-02 Brooke Seckel-03

Brooke Seckel sent us a whole powerpoint of photos for this contest! The Seckels renovated nearly every part of their 1972 Lyman Islander; starting from the inside out. They repainted the entire 32-foot hull; using TotalBoat Wet Edge for topside paint and JD Select Bottom Paint for below the waterline, and replaced the entire top deck as well. In addition, they also replaced and varnished their Lyman mahogany helm (not shown). Both the interior and exterior of the boat’s cabin was redone; as well as the boat’s transom. This included an enormous amount of new brightwork and varnish, as well as replacing rotted wood in the window frames and in other areas. The Seckel’s dog also helped too! During the renovation process, you could almost always find Zephyr hanging around the shop and supervising everyone’s work. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all of their fantastic photos here, but we’ve tried to highlight some of the most drastic changes, and we couldn’t resist leaving Zephyr out of the photos.

Saving Corlear Catboat Chapter II

Snake Mt Boatworks restores a Herreshoff Catboat.  Chapter II