‘Vanishing Sail’ – A Movie Not to Miss

When the movie Vanishing Sail premiered for the first time ever in late April in St. Barth’s – we urged you all to fly down and catch this great movie in plein air – because after all, who doesn’t need a “jaunt” to St. Barthelemy for a good flick about wooden boats?

Well, maybe you didn’t make it. (I got held up here – couldn’t get down there…) Happens. You now have another chance to catch this film in it’s full length glory at the Newport International Film Festival this coming Wednesday, Aug 5th. Complete with a pre-screening party at the always entertaining Newport Shipyard, the filmmaker Alexis Andrews and the Carriacou Sloop, Summer Wind will be at both the pre-party and the screening.

Pre-Screening party at the shipyard is from 5-7pm. Screening is at Jane Pickens at 7:30pm.

Get Tickets for Vanishing Sail – Newport Film Festival (7:30pm. Wed. August 5th)

Info on Pre-Screeining Party at Newport Shipyard


Read more about Vanishing Sail in our TBS post from April 30. 

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Vanishing Sail – Movie Premier Today

Today is the day! For years, filmmaker Alexis Andrews has been in the southern Caribbean filming, watching and soaking up the world of island boatbuilding. Carriacou sloops are famous around many tropical racing circuits and their time has come – today, April 30th, the full length film, Vanishing Sail, will premier at the St. Barth’s Film Festival.

This “trailer” has been around for a while – but it’s a good reminder of why it’s exciting that the film is finally done and soon the rest of us (not in St. Barth’s) will have a chance to buy and view this major sailing film undertaking.  Continue reading