Here Fishy, Fishy: How to Throw A Castnet

Recently, as I have sailed, kayaked or even swam around the harbor here in Bristol, I have noticed and had conversations about the amazing amount of baitfish that is around right now. The little guys are in massive schools on the surface and their fins are above the water, making it look like a school of grass growing or even a little school of sharks training for their big moment when that giant fin circles a helpless swimmer…cue the Jaws music. And then the BIG fish you really want to catch lunges up towards the bait ball on the surface and makes the big splash that lets you know he’s there and he’s hungry. But not for what you’re serving… these baitfish balls are too easy and apparently, too tasty!

Such is the battle of the fisherman who chases the fish in his sleep and plots his attack on he big guys down deep. You see, being married to a fisherman has it’s benefits (late nights and early mornings with the whole bed to myself), one of which is the osmosis of knowing how-to cast and jig, bait hooks, tie lures onto crazy knot-resistant line and throw a cast net. Wait – no – scratch that last one – the cast net is an utter mystery to me: how the heck anyone can throw a giant net on top of schooling fish and A. get it to lay out the right way and B. have it capture anything on retrieval is beyond me. I get it in theory – but to throw it and get it to work right is an art and takes plenty of practice. I tried throwing the net in the backyard after watching the technique said fisherhusband used and thought that it didn’t look that hard – and ya know what? IT IS!

So watch this video and get to your schools of baitfish with your castnet in hand (or bucket or bag – it’s heavy and odd to transport) and have a throw or 10. Let us know if this video helped your success rate with catching… and with throwing. Cause as we know fishing is easy – catching is not. But if you can make this big net scoop up numerous fish, then you’ve succeeded.  Good luck!

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