Yachts: Classic and Mega


If you like beautiful yachts of the “classic” or “mega” variety – then starting NOW – you can feast your eyes on an impressive collection of both, between Newport and Bristol’s harbor fronts. In Bristol, at the always breathtaking Herreshoff Marine Museum, you can not only see the spectacle that is the 3 masted Herreshoff Schooner, Eleonora, but on Sunday (TODAY!) at 11am and 3pm you can step aboard and have a look for yourself. Eleonora is an exact replica of the famous Herreshoff schooner Windward, now featured on the RI state quarter.  Continue reading

StanCraft Boats: Passion for the Past

StanCraft Boats in Northern Idaho have been building gorgeous wooden powerboats for over 80 years. The boatbuilder was very busy building wooden runabouts up until WW2, when you couldn’t buy lumber, much less employ anyone to build boats. In the years following the war’s conclusion, StanCraft got busy building again and has been cranking out amazing wooden boats ever since.

A family business, the boats are made exclusively from African Mahogany and the boat’s designs are not old designs – but rather StanCraft has infused new technology and needs into their newer designs. Like the boat below that has to be THE COOLEST looking ski/ surf boat I have ever seen. The idea of modernizing these classic looking wooden powerboats is brilliant. What wooden boat aficionado wouldn’t want modern technology and systems aboard a very classic and beautiful wooden boat? (Yes – these people exist. You can yell at me in the comments below…)

So check out the video and their beautiful website and keep your eyes peeled along the coastal US for these boats. Not sure how many have made it to the coastal communities – but I am betting there are lakes in the US that are jam packed with these beauties.


Racing with the competition: Onboard Chinook

Why not take a sail this morning. Grab your coffee and hit ‘full screen’ because you’re coming for a ride onboard ‘Chinook,’ a NY40 designed by Captain Nat Herreshoff. The restoration of Chinook was completed after over 60 months and lots of labor.  Their blog followed the entire journey and gives some great insight into the long restoration and the passion and reverence the skipper Jono and crew have for the amazing design and craftsmanship that went into Chinook back in 1916.

She was restored in Tunisia, which, as they explain was not without challenges for a major rebuild.   Check out the blog and take a ride on this beauty at a Classic Yacht regatta in Cannes. What a thrill, if even from a seat at your computer. Enjoy!



Palm Beach Vintage Regatta

Time to give some props to the vintage powerboating crowd. Owner or ogler, who doesn’t love to stare down a good old classic powerboat that has been painstakingly restored? Some serious revelers from Palm Beach, Florida decided to pay homage to their city’s yachting history and round up as many beauties as they could to participate in the reinvented Palm Beach Cup.  In 1917 a yacht regatta and gathering evolved into the Palm Beach Cup, which, at the time of the gilded 20’s, was a whos-who of yachting and Palm Beach lifestyle.  The idea to bring this event back to the Pam Beach waterfront was met with excitement and owners of classic powerboats from the area jumped on board agreeing to participate.

The lineup of boats was impressive, from the Presidential Yacht, Honey Fitz, best known for JFK’s use of her and her place in history as the last presidential yacht. The Palm Beach Regatta attracted the finest yachts of her day and this seemed like the year to revitalize the event and to “hopefully regain the attention of potential boaters and rekindle the flame for the older yachtsman and boaters alike.”

A few weeks ago marked the Inaugural Antique Yacht Exhibit and Sail Races. Over 20 vintage yachts were showcased for all to see. Aficionados, hobbyists and boat lovers flocked to the public event in downtown Palm Beach and confirmed what the organizers had suspected: there is still an appreciation for classic yachts and if they can’t be paraded or regatta-ed – then line ’em up and let the people stare.

Today’s video highlights the event and reinforces the notion that wooden boats can really draw a crowd. Enjoy!