Happy World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, as is every June 8th. It is so important to respect our Mother Ocean every day, but use today to recenter your own strategies – or make up a new one for yourself and your fellow ocean lovers.

As boaters, whether you boat on a bay or river or ocean, saving and respecting the ocean is of the utmost importance for the health of our planet. With over 70% of the earth covered by oceans, less than 3% is protected and it’s up to us boaters to make a difference and spread the word.

You don’t need to do much to pitch in to improve ocean health. Here are some fun videos from ocean minded organizations to try to get us all psyched up and helping out. We’ve also complied a list of ONE THING you can do to immediately improve the health of the ocean and the planet. Can you help out?

1. Reduce plastic use. THIS IS A BIG ONE! So big that it’s the only one we are listing. Plastic is everywhere in our daily life and the less you use of it – the better off we all will be. Reusable bags and water bottles are so easy. If you are buying a plastic bottle of water often you are a big offender and you should get yourself a refillable bottle and get to the water fountains. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year and out of every 6 bottles purchased, only one makes it to the recycling bin.

Here is a great article about plastic use and some great suggestions about kicking the plastic habit.

PLEASE try out a few of these simple solutions to a healthier ocean:

  • Use recyclable grocery bags. If you forget them, request paper bags
  • Use and fill your own water bottle
  • Buy milk, juice etc in cartons or glass bottles when possible
  • RECYCLE your plastics when you do buy them
  • Try using the dishwashing and laundry soap pods or packs that eliminate the plastic bottle
  • use reusable containers for lunches and snacks, not plastic baggies
  • carry your own mug to your coffee shop and ditch the plastic lids, straws and cups
  • Spread the word! Give a friend a cool reusable bottle, bag or cup to help them out!

Together we can all make a difference. Start today!