Drones Are Winning the Volvo Ocean Race

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With the Volvo Ocean Race fleet firmly planted in the middle of the Southern Ocean, again, screaming towards Cape Horn, we have been treated to some spectacular video footage from aboard the boats. Most notably, the brave On Board Reporters (OBRs) are getting braver crazier with their drones, risking their equipment as they send back stunning aerial footage taken in excess of 40 knots of wind. The rockets boats are barrelling down massive waves as they gybe along the ice gate, an imaginary boundary preventing the teams from sailing too far south and into danger of colliding with icebergs.  This is not to say that the walls of water that come crashing into the cameras are not satisfying enough to us armchair sailors, it’s more that the opportunity is now there to get great aerial footage in the middle of nowhere as the boats are charging down waves at 37 knots. And that is something new and very appreciated.  Continue reading

Sunday Funday! The Ultimate Sailing Speed Test

Kite vs. Moth vs. Nacra F20 FCS vs. Marstrom 32

Sit back, grab another cuppa and hold on because here is a break from the sanding, the planking and steam bending of the old beauties. Come for a ride on 4 of the fastest rides around the water. It’s fast and furious and foiling!  Any bets before you hit play of who might win this one?

Happy Sunday! Enjoy!

The Renaissance Regatta: Community Boating Center, Providence

Are you sick of seeing beautiful shots of harbors, boats and beaches jammed up with thawing ice floes and piles of snow? Us too! Time for a sail!

Follow us up Narragansett Bay to the Community Boating Center, Providence. It’s their annual fundraiser, the Renaissance Regatta, and it’s a ton of fun for local kids for whom this community sailing center has been life changing.

CBC is focused on getting the community to the waterfront, and providing access and opportunity to the joys of sailing to those who may not ever see a boat close up otherwise. Part of the revitalization of the waterfront along Providence, CBC has done so much to improve the city as well as the State of Rhode Island where waterfront access and access to boats is arguably the best way to spend a summer.

Jamestown Distributors was proud to work with CBC for the regatta, for the creation of this video, and also in bragging rights for the top sailing team at the regatta. Congratulations sailors! And thank you to Community Boating Center, Providence for giving these kids a chance to feel the joy of getting out on the water.