Making You Look Good by Making Us Work Hard

This ^ is ERIC. TotalBoat Show peeps, meet the brains behind the product testing and lots of the product development at JD/ TotalBoat. Eric works tirelessly to run and maintain the TotalBoat Workshop where we test and test and test again each and every TotalBoat product we sell and many we are working on developing. He is a boat owner, a DIY-er, a TotalBoat video star and a friendly face in the JD storefront on occasion Рamongst many other things.

You might recognize Eric from many of the Product videos on TotalBoat’s You Tube Channel (are you a subscriber? please subscribe!) and you will continue to know Eric as the TotalBoat video king, helping you get your projects done well through our series of Product Breakdown videos and popular How-To videos.

Recently in our customer survey, we discovered that you all LOVE our videos and we are thankful for that. Because we believe that when we can simplify and help you with your boating projects – whether it’s with our great Tech help team that you can reach on the phone or even video chat with (yes! you can FaceTime our tech help to show them your project!) or by creating great how-to videos – that you know we have you covered and we CARE about how your project turns out. ERIC cares about how your project turns out. He does. And just the other day here, we were jammed in a hot boat with a nasty bilge, making a video about how to best UN-nasty your bilge¬†using (of course) our TotalBilge Paint.


See? See how happy Eric looks to be helping you get your bilge looking marvelous?

It’s just another example of how Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat are doing everything possible to make sure you have everything you need – including the know-how – to nail your project and make your boat better with less stress and at a great value. Period. We care. Now go subscribe to our YouTube Channel, pretty please. Thanks! And stay tuned for this great video about spiffing up your bilges. Coming soon!

Happy Monday!