Vixen’s Voyage

Here is some more fodder for those of you who are dreaming of a live aboard life. The boat doesn’t have to be fancy or large, just solid and seaworthy. This family of four has toured the world aboard their 34′ wooden sailboat, sparing themselves from monthly bills, a mortgage and best of all – real 9-5 jobs.

Take a little glimpse into the enchanted and simple yet gratifying life of this family. Enjoying the simple life seems to work for them and their family. Boat repairs and maintenance, the most important safety concern, are not tedious because of Dad’s boatbuilding skills. And home-schooling and child rearing is made enjoyable with lots of help from Mother Nature and gifts of culture and humanity from around the world.  Would you raise a young family aboard a 34′ boat?

Announcing: The O’Pen Bic RI Summer Tour

Jamestown Distributors will be offering up (loaning out) 4 O’Pen BICs to be used in yacht club Junior Programs in RI for 2 days this summer (2 days for each participating YC).   The goal is to get more kids sailing O’Pen BICs and trying a new boat and a new way to experience jr sailing.

How it works:

  1. Sign Up!  Contact Mike Mills at Jamestown Distributors
  2. Request a week this summer when you want the O’Pen BIC summer tour to stop at your yacht club.
  3. Alden Haverly, a Jamestown Distributors employee, will deliver the BICs to your yacht club.
  4. Alden will work with one of your instructors on rigging, and sailing.
  5. After 2 days of sailing, Alden / JD will return, check off the boats, pack the boats up and take them to the next yacht club.



  • O’Pen BICs need to be used in conjunction with sailing programs while they have them.
  • A representative of your yacht club Jr program needs to meet Alden, receive the boats, sign off on the checklist and waiver, get trained on rigging and sailing, and take responsibility for the fleet for 2 days.
  • Sailors must respect the boats and their fellow sailors
  • Boats need to be returned in the same condition as they were loaned.

Don’t Forget!:  Tiverton Yacht Club is hosting the RI O’Pen BIC Intergalactic State Championships.  Sailors from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and RI are invited to sail in this A/B fleet O’pen Bic Regatta on July 30.   This event will be run “Un-Regatta” style.

O’Pen Bics can also be purchased at Jamestown Distributors (Click here). Add one to your fleet for fast familiy fun and some sweet racing, too!

Here Comes the Volvo Race! Newport Stopover Starts May 5.


If you haven’t heard about the Volvo Ocean Race coming to Newport in a few short weeks then lift up your rock and rise up! If you’re a local boater We really hope you will get yourself and your boats and friends to Newport and represent! We stand for those who support extreme stuff like racing sailboats around the world, we support our local pals on Team Alvimedica and the entire Newport Stopover experience. It is important that Newport put on a good – NO, GREAT! – show for this event and much of that hinges on the crowds and the level of enthusiasm out there.

So here is a little roundup of some events going on in Newport at Fort Adams, home base for the 2-week sailing extravaganza. With concerts and kids activities, champagne tents, a section of a Volvo Ocean 65 boat to check out, all the boats docked, a rock wall and zip line, a bubble soccer tournament(?), mad concessions and more… there isn’t a reason NOT to check out this once-in-a-lifetime event many times while it’s open.

BE A VOLUNTEER (there is still time!):

GET YOUR ORANGE ON: Support Local RI based Team Alvimedica with a rally flag

GET TEXT ALERTS to Meet the boats as they arrive: This is SO AWESOME – day or middle of the night. Thousands of BOATS came to greet the boats at most of the other arrivals so we have to get ourselves and our boats and all our friends with boats out there. It is important to the success of Newport’s stopover that the water is crowded with spectators!

SEE A CONCERT: The Heineken Reggae Concert is May 9 for all ages.

HOP ON A SPECTATOR BOAT: and check out an arrival, the In Port Race on May 16 or the RESTART on May 17.





And if you love boatbuilding, then be sure to visit the BOATYARD TENT where all the boat work gets done for all the teams! So cool!

And a video (OF COURSE) to psych you up!!  See you at the Race Village!